Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Cautionary Tale about Duct Tape Bras

We've all had moments in our life where we have to make a choice, a fork in the road. Do I choose to stay or do I choose to go? Do I say yes or do I say no? This is one of those moments...though to be fair, my fork in the road decision was not life or death (or any serious consequence for that matter) but rather about a DIY bra, so there's that. 

A night of dancing was proving fatal for a pasty-type bra that I bought so the way I saw it, I had two options: ONE - go home and be a quitter or TWO - make a bra entirely out of duct tape and keep dancing. 

Let's just say I wouldn't be writing this story if I was a quitter.

This is the true story of a duct tape bra.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's On Tap This Month - October

This is the first restaurant that I've included in my Tap and for good reason. Mila is a new restaurant in Santo Domingo started by two of the owners of Guli's, my favorite coffee shop in the world. No exaggeration. Bible. In. The. World. So when Guli's owners told me they were moving shop AND opening a restaurant as well I was excited. And when they told me they were moving even closer to where I lived, the heavens opened and angels sang. Pure elation.
I'm not a food critic or food connoisseur by any means but I know good food and I love eating out. And not to peacock but when New York City is your go-to restaurant city, your foodie expectations are high. Some restaurants have spectacular meals. Some have great happy hours. Some have great service. Some restaurants have original menus. Some have friendly staff. Some have good prices. Some have spectacular ambience. Essentially, like in all cities, some rank higher than others. But not many have it all. Mila has it all. 
And I can't say I'm surprised.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Things I Could Teach My Son but That He'd Be Better Off Learning from His Dad

Moms struggle with their full mommy plates. We struggle with how much we do (getting kids dressed, combed, fed, clean-toothed, packing lunches, putting shoes on the correct foot - ours and our kids', telling the kids to not bite each other, and going to work) and then take on even more (taking on projects, buying presents for birthday parties, making doctor appointments, rescheduling doctor appointments, cleaning up, making dinner, working out, finding time to have a glass of wine and chat with our husbands... and friends... and mothers.) And those are just the physical responsibilities of a day without including the emotional are we doing it right, are we doing it well, are we doing it without causing too much permanent damage to our kids.

And then there are the posts telling me what else I should be doing, the lists: 46 Things Moms Should Be Awesome At, 38 Things Cool Moms Do, 18 Things A Mom Should Do to Avoid Being the Absolute Worst Parent Ever. I try to give these posts an honest try, after all, I like a good list, but instead I find myself wanting to shove these lists down someone's throat because I don't want to hear about the things I'm not doing but should be doing. I'm exhausted, remember?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Legacy I Want to Leave Behind

I'm fortunate to have both a daughter and a son. What this also means is that I also get to battle all kinds of dumb messages about gender roles and crappy societal ideas. The messages my son will grow up hearing one day to "be a man" or "act like a man" sicken me and I'll save that for next week's post. Today I want to talk about my daughter and the garbage that all of our girls are forced to stomach everyday starting at an age when they can't decipher what is truth and what is complete shit. This isn't a scare tactic or some made up ghost story, like all of those years people wasted, pretending Global Warming wasn't a real threat. This, like Global Warming, exists, and it's dangerous. So, whether you have a daughter or not is besides the point. This is important for all of us to know, so listen.

We are in jeopardy of creating a world full of girls that believe their only worth comes from pretty faces and skinny waists found somewhere in between glossy pages and the perfect selfies. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Catch up on the Last Few Weeks

Since I write for and contribute to other fabulous websites like Women Who live on Rocks and Expat Village, I don't always publish my newest posts here. Bu that doesn't mean you should have to miss out. 

Don't forget to check out some of them on these other great websites from the last few weeks:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Perfect Timing: A Memory

"What? Why didn't you wake me?!" He shouted in a calm panic.
"I didn't want to bother you if I wasn't sure."
"Doctor Fernandez said if it lasts more than an hour, it's probably time. How long have you been having them?"
"About two hours."

The contractions had started at 4:27 exactly. I know because I typed it down on our iPod (because it was my first pregnancy so I was anal like that). But I had no idea what contractions would feel like so I waited and noted: 


At visits, my doctor would ask me if I had been having any contractions and I would shrug my shoulders, "Maybe?"
I'm sure I drove her nuts, "What do you mean you don't know?"
"I don't know. Whaddo they feel like?"
"You would know," she'd assure.
"Thennn... no?" I'd say completely unsure.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What if They Fly?

Half way there I stopped dead in my tracks, "Maybe this isn't a good idea."
"We don't have to do it." Husband answered swiftly because he, too, was unsure about the decision we were making.
"I just feel like maybe we're rushing this."
"We could still turn around." 
I'm writing about this in real-time, as in, this just happened real-time so the wound is fresh. I'm still sobbing over our decision. As a very normal person, you'd think I was crazy. But I'm not a normal person. I've always bordered on the side of crazy and have pretty much eclipsed the moon of emotion and 3 years ago, almost to the day, I took a giant leap further into both abysses. That was the day I became a parent and would forever live in crazy and emotional.

Today was the first day I dropped that child off at school.
I didn't handle it well.

Don't let the smiles fool you; it was a hard day for both of us.