About the Signature Labels

Our Buena Vida: Our family abroad adventure. Currently, the Mama Juana Series is based on our life in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

Happy Our: Finding the humor and beauty in parenting. 

Pocket Full o' Mumbles: My catchall or opinion editorial (OpEd) on everything from movies to politics to motherhood to whatever the f*ck I feel like talking about today. 

Road to an Imperfect Life: It's a revolution bitches. Rebelling against the perfection that social media and society feed us.

Fiesta Forever: I have a lot of fun on my life adventure but why should I be the only one? Follow along on some of the fun we have here and plan your own fiestas!

What's On Tap This Month: Once a month I give you the things that I'm loving right now: music, movies, clothes, food, apps, quotes, books, beauty products, all products...

Legra's Laws: humorous tales of silly situations that have made for some interesting experiences, complete with a moral of the story.

My Total Truths: The things I know to be true... in my life.

And the Jukebox Plays: A spotlight on all things music.

Off the Menu, Guest Bartenders: A guest post series about the good life. Anyone interested in posting should visit my contact page for more information.