FAQ about Living Overseas

A good place to start: Dear Future Expat

1. What are common mistakes that people make when they move abroad? 
It is important to remember that moving abroad and feeling comfortable will take some time. Don't expect to feel like you're at home immediately. You can read more here at 7 mistakes new expats make.

2. I'm thinking about moving abroad on my own / with my partner / with my family. What should I know?
Check out some things you might want to consider if you are:
- moving abroad solo
- moving abroad as a couple
- moving abroad as a family

3. How can I make this transition easier for my kids. 
Kids are flexible and resilient. Usually, with time, they will adapt to their new surroundings. But I also asked some experts to weigh in (mothers, of course) on what things they did to make their kids' transition easier. 
4. What should I pack
I wrote a series based on what to pack in 6 suitcases. You could find that series here:
Phase 1: Prep and Packing
Phase 2: Technology and Comforts
Phase 3: The Homestretch and Extra Tips

5. Credit Cards
Not all cards are created equal. Some credit cards are not international credit cards and will charge you a 3-5% fee for purchases or ATM transactions. Look into getting an international card if you don't have one. You can find more information on this here.

6. Anything else I should know?
No matter how much I tell you, you'll never feel totally prepared. Even people who have been doing this for decades are anxious when their next move is approaching. That's normal. Give yourself time and know that this will be a difficult experience at first but totally worth it.

7. What's the best advice you ever got about moving abroad?
One of my first friends abroad told me to wait. Here's what she had to say about waiting.

Have any other questions or more information to add? Please leave your question or info in comments.

For info on living in Dominican Republic check out the FAQ about DR page. 

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