Happy Our: A Family Introduction

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Miss Olive Oyl 
Named after Popeye's girlfriend, she's the most loyal dog you will ever find, which I did... on the street. She had no qualities of a street dog: approachable, friendly, trusting. When I was in the vicious world of breastfeeding she would get up with me at every feeding, at any hour of the night and wait with me while I tended to baby. The nights that I would fall asleep in the baby's room, she would jump on the bed and sleep with me. All she requires in return are pets... lots and lots  of pets.

Sir Jersey Boy
People often say that I love Jersey the most. The truth is, Jersey loves me the most. A puppy mill rescue, no one had much hope that he would ever get past the skittish, nervous, pacing back and forth energy that was ingrained in him. He is my loyal companion, my loyal companion. Husband sometimes jokes that Jersey would walk through hell and back if it meant finding me. I guess it would be a joke if it weren't probably true. Poor guy. I'm sure he endured the "wringer" on too many occassions. Everyone said he was a mess. I thought he was perfect... and now he is.

Daughter Rubio
Born (Oct. 2011 - a few days)
Nov. 2012 - 13 months

Sontiago Paulo. 
The newest addition to our clan. Unlike Rafa, this baby was planed although after finding out we were having a baby, the realization of having two kids under the age of 2 kicked in. We held our breath and hoped for the best... and we got it. Rafa wasn't jealous of the new baby like everyone said she would be, in the contrary, she loved him from first sight. And while well meaning friends tried to jinx us by saying that no parent can have two easy babies, Santiago has been an even easier baby than Rafa was at this age. From the first week of his arrival he was a sleepy kid, a little grumpy and a good eater. At 2 months he is already sleeping from 7pm to 5am.