Friday, November 4, 2011

America Sucks Because Everyone Wants To Be On Johnny Bananas' Team

I would like to start this blog by stating that I, in no way shape or form, have a personal problem with said Johnny Bananas. As a matter of fact, at times, I could see why some might find him charming and awfully cute, but that is not the issue here.


Rewind your mind back to high school. For some of us, this might take longer than others. Are you there yet? Great. Now ask yourself:

  • Who got invited to all of the parties?

  • Who was always voted in as president even if they were super unqualified?
  • Who was usually the lead trouble maker but never got caught while his minions fell like bird shit on a pavement?
Johnny Bananas.
If you have ever watched) MTV's Real World / Road Rules Challenge, this name might sound familiar. Johnny Bananas is a persona that symbolizes "that guy" from high school but on a competitive reality show. And just as these shows are a mirror of high school, what else is America, really, but one big popularity contest?


I wonder sometimes, as I'm watching the news or talking to people, how anyone could say that teachers get paid too much and have too many benefits or have too much time off. I wonder, also, how people could argue that the police department or fire department could afford cut backs. How could anyone watch the news, witness a bailout that resulted in the rich getting more money than they need, and then say to me that these greedy, lazy teachers are the problem?

Here's my answer... because everyone wants to be on Johnny Bananas' team. While at times charming (like most politicians, heads of big companies, or people with power), he is sneaky, smart, and will  - without a second thought - stab you in the neck blade unless you are truly one of the insiders. Sound familiar (like most politicians, heads of big companies, or people with power)? But that's not the problem I have. My problem is that other contestants know this about him. Everyone that is competing knows that he cannot be trusted. He has proven time and time again that he is only after his own self-interst and if given the chance he will take your help to get what he wants and then be tossed to the side only to be mowed over by a tractor of shit.

So why do these contestants continue to trust him?

I think it's because they hope to one day be Johnny Bananas. Maybe not look like him or have his devilishly cute smile, but to be the one in power. I believe that people honestly think, in some sort of twisted way, that if they vote with Mr. Bananas, if they are on his side, that they might one day stand where he stands, have what he has, and be brought into his world. They can live his life. At first mention, this seems hard to hear; it seems not true or reasonable, but think back to high school for a moment. How many times did you see people do the wrong thing becaue they wanted to "fit in?" How many people have been influenced by the draw of being part of "that" crowd. Watch Mean Girls for Banana's sake. Why is it so hard to believe that adults fall victim to this also. I know plenty of "adults" who bend to someone else's whim in hopes to one day be where the powerful stand or at the very least be included.

This is what happens with Johnny Bananas. I have watched too many episodes (and I'm only a little embarrassed to admit this) where intelligent, competent people start the show knowing full well that in order to get ahead they need to vote Johnny Bananas OFF and then when given the chance they don't do it. Every. Time. They keep him around. Not because they like him or because they're friends - usually they don't even particularly like him - but they keep him because he's the "cool" guy. Somehow forgetting that that "cool" guy could give two shits about them and will sell them out quicker than you could jump in an MTV hot tub.

I don't blame Johnny Bananas. Unlike the REAL real world, this "Real World" doesn't have life consequences for the people that lose. When these contestants go home, they leave with at best some extra cash on their pocket, at worst a bad hangover, and most times a good story and a mini-vacation. So Johnny Bananas doesn't have to worry that he's ruining someone's life. But the Johnny Bananas of the REAL real world (most politicians, heads of big companies, or people with power) should be ashamed of themselves. And the REAL real people that don't stand up against these Johnny Bananas are as much to blame for thinking that this time he will be different. He's not.

Next time, some fat NJ governor tells you that teachers need to be stopped because their greediness is taking away from you personally, take a look at his millionaire friends and ask yourself why his rich friends keep getting richer. He isn't trying to help you, he's trying to help himself and his alliance. So STOP trying to make an alliance with these powerful people that will make you a deal and then give you what's behind door number 3, which is always the less fun gift of a washer and dryer and not the new car.

America: Continuing to vote and support the rich and powerful, will not make you rich and powerful. It only makes them rich and powerful. Stop trying to be on Johnny Bananas' team. He doesn't want you on his team. Make your own team with good, solid, trustworthy people and then things will change. Maybe then, you'll win the challenge... and walk away with the money.

Or at least your pride.

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