Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Never Forget

The baby Rafa that has helped me wean down life to what is truly important: writing, quick moments of silence, good food, a few true friends, a loving community, photography, breathing, music, and constant learning.

This past weekend we returned to Cafe del Sol. The first time we came to this beach was September 11, 2011. Of all days, right? One of the most significant days of my life was spent on the beach with new friends. I thought about what day it was. And like every year, I am conflicted by what I should be doing on that day. Part of me wants to curl into a ball on the couch and "never forget", but another part of me thinks that moving on, correction, moving forward is the courageous thing to do.

But what stood out to me this time we went back was not that the last time we were there it was September 11 but that the last time we were at Cafe del Sol, which happened to be September 11, Rafa was still in my belly. And now to see her, at the beach, dipping her feet in the water, laughing, smiling, napping, being a perfect baby, it makes me think of September 11 as more than a day where my life completely changed. Maybe there are days that tremble your existence so that you can cherish the moments like this. Moments when you are with family and friends, eating good food, having meaningful conversation, reading a book...taking it all in. Because if I learned anything from September 11 it was that moments are precious and that they don't last and we have to remember to make them count. Maybe that's what "never forget" means. Never forgetting to make every moment count.

Never forget to take it all in. Standing in the moment you are in, taking yourself out of your body and looking at where you are, with who, doing what and cherishing all that you have.

The best smile

Doesn't she look like she already has a sense of humor? Thank goodness. I really wanted a funny baby - along with NOT boring :)

It's a different world when it's seen through her eyes

The husband

Nana, the sponge. She soaks up information and inhales books.

Beach chairs

Me (as taken my LaToi who became a self proclaimed photographer that day)

Our good friend, LaToi with Mike and the baby Rafa

Momma and Rubio

Daddy and Rafa Rubio

Taking a dip... hopefully she's less fearful of the water than me!

Momma, Rafa, and Nana

Getting in the way of Michael's picture taking

Cafe del Sol

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