Friday, March 23, 2012

Leap...and the Net Will Appear

After blogging for a couple of months I realized something. A change was coming.

When I first started this writing venture, I had just come out of the hospital from having our baby. Literally, I got home on Sunday and started designing, building, and writing - completely shocking Husband at the amount of energy I had that first week with a newborn baby.

I knew there were things that I was going to want to change, I knew there were things that I was going to need to learn, but being who I am, I needed to leap - cannonball into this thing - otherwise I would forever stand on the platform, debating the height of my free fall.

I started designing, building, writing, and teaching myself about Blogger and blogs and googling answers to things I had zero idea about. Before I knew it, "Our Buena Vida" was up and running, as well as FOUR other blogs.

A few months later, once I got the hang of this blogging thing, I started to read other people's posts and not surprisingly, took note of things I liked from their blogs. After all, "imitation is the highest form of flattery" and all that. I wanted a more organized, cleaner looking page, so the face of "Our Buena Vida" changed.

The more I invested into blogging, the more ideas I picked up and the more I wanted to change. I realized that my original direction of having 4 blogs at once was too demanding and not at all practical. I wanted a more central location and joining all of my blogs, each showcasing a different aspect of my life, could be accomplished with just a few simple changes. But one change that was not simple was the title of "Our Buena Vida" would have to be changed. It didn't encompass ALL of the things that the new blog would be.

The problem was that I was now very invested in "Our Buena Vida". It had come to be a part of my vernacular, a part of my everyday vocabulary. And although I tend to be a leap first, ask about the net later kind of person - most of the time - (don't let me fool you... I can contemplate a leap a good amount...especially when I am emotionally committed) this time I stood on the platform pondering the questions we all ponder before a leap. Will it be a hard landing? Will I regret leaping? Will I be turning my back on what I knew before? Silly how I could be that emotionally attached to a blog name, right? But emotionally attached is what I do. 

As usual, I go to my support group consisting of one - Husband - whose suggestions are always more clear, concise, and uncluttered than any suggestion I could ramble up in my head. And this is what he said:
"Just change it. It was a good title. And this will be a good title.
And once you change it you'll be happy you changed it."

Sometimes, you just need to hear something, you know?

"Drinking the Whole Bottle" was the title of one of the other blogs and one that made more sense with who I was before (drinking the whole bottle of wine) and who I am becoming now (drinking the whole bottle baby style). I would say that I meet both of those bottles in the middle.

For a good part of my life now, when I am not sure about the newest decision I am kicking around, I try to remind myself of the saying, "Leap and the net will appear. " I have made some decisions that many people might not have seen as reasonable or responsible but I know me and I know God and the Universe are working to help me land on my feet. Well, sometimes I land on my ass but the fall is never hard enough that I can't get up and keep moving forward.

So, I finally made the jump, moving all blogs into one big blog, one big bottle, I guess you could say.

Sometimes, leaping is the most natural thing in the world; sometimes it just makes sense. And sometimes you have to think about it for a bit before making a decision. But make no mistake the longer you take to leap the longer (and harder) the fall will appear.  I can't tell you that either is more right than the other. Right is whatever feels good at the moment. But what I can tell you is that I have never regretted leaping...ever. I have leapt... and the net has always appeared.

Happy leaping!

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