Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy not Crappy

The world sometimes is such a downer.

Every time I turn on the news I'm reminded of this:
Grandma shoots her grandson in self defense
Shooting in Movie Theater
Mother Runs her Car Off Road

People are shooting each other with guns they bought off the internet, countries are dying over oil, religion, property, money, land, etc, etc, etc, pregnant women are getting pushed out of jobs because as told by Business Insider, "Although the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 says that it's illegal for employers to "fire, demote, reassign, or refuse to hire a woman for being pregnant," the law doesn't say that pregnant women should be treated differently while carrying a child. This means that if she can't pick up the 70 pounds of boxes she usually can, her employer has the right to dismiss her from her job." 

Ahh... yes, intelligent employer, I see how you did that. Pregnant women shouldn't lift heavy things so you could dismiss her for not doing her job. 



Maybe all the world isn't a downer. Maybe there are just some really crappy people that do really crapy things. Maybe the crappy people get more attention because like a car wreck we just can't help but watch. And maybe we have to change what we look at. 

Cause maybe there's a lot of not downer things too:

Man Comes to the Aid of Drowning Dog
Captain Lands Airplane in Hudson River during Heroic Rescue
Firefighters from Around the Country Help at Ground Zero

Maybe there are just as many people doing heroic, life-changing, funny, spiritual, happy, dancy things. Maybe there are just as many uplifting stories and we just need to be reminded that as much crappy as there is, there is also just as much happy... we just have to notice it. 

Here are some things to lighten, brighten, and bring you up this weekend. Happy Friday!

Animal Odd Couple

SuperGranny Stops Robbery

My Rafa Laughing for the 1st Time

Grieving Dog Stays by Deceased Owner's Grave

SoulPancake's Air Orchestra

Ellen Scares Bethany on Halloween - always makes me laugh.

Dreaming Dog

And if those don't do it for you how about a happy, laughing baby...

or you could always just watch Oprah. That B**** is always doing something uplifting! 

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