Monday, October 1, 2012

Rescuing Waldo

My least favorite commercials are the ones that show abused animal images to sad songs by the likes of Sarah McLachlan. I know people need to know the reality and I know that in reality, this is real and maybe that's why these commercials make me so sad... because I know it is reality and I know that it is real.

I just can't totally comprehend, wrap my mind around, stomach how someone could be so cruel. So cruel. Have you seen some of these images or read some of these stories about people doing horrible, atrocious things to animals? I wonder what darkness must live in your heart to throw a dog off a roof or leave one stranded on a mountain or beat anything so defenseless, senseless?

Having always been, especially a dog lover, hearing these stories always makes a very hard impression and leaves me sad. I think it is probably the reason that Mike has given me the name of Jen, Animal Avenger, why I pick strays up off the street and try to find them homes - even if that sometimes means my house - to balance the cruel with the kind.

But a few years ago, I found two good reasons why, even more than before, I wanted to balance with kind:

These two lovelies are Olive and Jersey and before Rafa was born (and after Husband of course - although he would argue this), they were the ♥s of my life. 

Both of them have their own rescue story. Both were in desperate need of a loving home after being treated unkindly, and both found their way to me.

Olive, I found on the street, a year to the date (May 17) that we adopted Jersey (serendipitous if ou ask me). Hers is a story that I will tell later...

Jersey's story is the focus of today and it comes by way of a Vimeo Video. The video is short and quite sweet, tells his story briefly and shows his love sweetly to a family that only made the choice to love. 

In Disney, they play a secret game with their visitors where you have to find hidden Mickey ears on rides or in secret places, a "Where's Waldo" of sorts. Think of this video the same but instead you're finding hidden Jersey's. 

Have fun and love a dog today!

Where's Jersey from Jennifer Legra on Vimeo.

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