Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glad Tidings

It's here, it's here!! Like the anticipation of Christmas morning, the day is finally here!

Today... we fly!

I will start by saying that this trip holds a little sadness. As I wrote in another post this week, this morning I had to say Goodbye to Shayna. It would have happened whether or not I was leaving today but nonetheless it was a sad moment... even if she did come into my room at 6:37 am and wake me up. I will also add that leaving Husband for this many days is also sad for me. Since Husband and I met almost 6 years ago at work we have spent almost everyday together. He gets on my nerves at times, (as I'm sure I get on his) but there is no place I'd rather have him than next to me. So until he meets me in New Jersey on December 22, we will be apart for 10 days - by FAR the most amount of time we have ever been away from each other.

But with sadness also comes room for much happiness - GLAD TIDINGS if you will.

With getting home comes the familiar feeling of Christmas seeping into my pores. Today I am wearing jeans and a tank top with socks and Birkenstockesque shoes... and a scarf - an outfit I would almost never wear here. But soon, in a few hours, I'll be wearing these things out of necessity.. and I can hardly wait. Maybe I'll be eating those words when I'm freezing my a*s off, but for now, let me have it.

In less than a day I will have a Starbucks Hazlenut or Raspberry Hot Chocolate in my hands (whichever fits my mood) and Rafa will get a mini one because I'm her mom and I said so.

Speaking of which, in less than a day, Rafa will be reunited with her cousins, Derek and Jake, something I so look forward to, maybe more than, dare I say, Christmas morning?

When Husband finally arrives, all will be complete for my holiday season. We will visit New York City on an adults only staycation and treat ourselves to some alone time. Well, minus Baby Boy Bump. I obviously can't leave him at home with his abuelos. We will take pictures with Santa, which should be interesting this year since Rafa is mobile and aware that she is sitting on a stranger's lap who is dressed in red - even if he does bring her presents... we'll see how that turns out. My dad has already invited me out on one of our movie dates, an outing that has become traditional for us since my mom is not much of a movie buff unless there's crying involved, so I get to go on the date - free of charge! I will get to  visit with loved ones like the Rockmans, the Weissman's, and the Patrocinio's - all family friends that might as well be family and on the flip side visit the mall and window shop (on a budget) and see all of the beautiful Christmas decorations and hear Christmas music playing everywhere I go. Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

I know these things seem ordinary because they used to seem so obvious to me too - although I loved it even then - but when you don't have something that at some point was ordinary, all of a sudden, they seem extraordinary.

I can't wait to land and see the NYC skyline - always extraordinary - but most of all, I can't wait to burst through my front door of the only home I've ever known and see the faces that will always be home for the holidays.

Safe travels.

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