Friday, March 8, 2013

And the Jukebox Plays: I Was Here

"And the Jukebox Plays" is a label I started last week to highlight some music that moves you - emotionally or physically. I won't call it amazing or be mad if you don't share in my musical taste - it is quite all over the place - but I hope you'll take a moment to listen and try something new to you before posting how much you "two snaps...hated it." 
Happy Friday!

I watched this video a few minutes after the clock struck midnight of New Year's this year. Being pregnant, I missed most of the celebrations and my mom woke me up a few minutes before the ball dropped so that I wouldn't miss it.

It was so powerful and so inspiring and so in lign with the blog post that I have been working on, hopefully ready to publish on Monday, that I had to share it for this weekend. I guarantee, even if you aren't a fan, that you will be moved to goosebumps or that tingling in your throat feeling when you are holding back pure emotion.

She isn't my favorite artist, although I have to admit she is quite spectacular in her Girls Rule the World, Bootylicious, shake what your mama gave you kind of way but this isn't that Beyonce. This Beyonce was asked to perform this at the United Nations World Humanitarian Day on August 12, 2012 with one purpose:
"To inspire people all over the world to do something good, no matter how big or small, for someone else."
Watch. Be inspired. And read back on Monday for my post to follow...

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