Friday, May 10, 2013

What's On Tap This Month - MAY

Chinola Margaritas 
When I first arrived to Dominican Republic someone told me to try the chinola juice. I had never heard of it before but figured I better get used to trying new things if we were going to really give this abroad thing a shot. It turns out chinola is passion fruit and it is delicious! It also turns out that they make chinola everything here: juice, cheesecake, dressing. But the best chinola thing I've had here is a margarita. And since May celebrates the fun holiday of Cinco de Mayo I suggest you try one. A hangover never tasted so good. 

"Living the Dream. One mistake at a time." As if HBO hadn't already been behind some of the best shows created now they have brought me GIRLS. Although it premiered a year ago, I only recently discovered it via illegal secret internet ways. This show is comically honest and brutally beautiful as it is told through Hannah, an especially endearing character to me since she is an aspiring writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Their mistakes remind me of something reminiscent of my own Legra's Laws and then I realize it probably reminds us all of our navigation through a time when we are discovering the life we are trying to build being twenty-something, a jobless graduate, and a hormonal adult with too much freedom in the greatest city in the world. Its honesty makes it awkward and sometimes uncomfortable to watch. But the lives of girls living in NYC in their 20's is often funny and awkward and sometimes uncomfortable. Well done, Lena Durham. This is not one of those mistakes!

Screen shot of opening credits - wikipedia

Billabong Crossing Over Sandal
Living on a Caribbean island makes it super hard to want to wear anything on your feet besides flip flops and nail polish. This reasoning has done nothing good for the erosion of my collection of sandals and flip flops. In looking for a pair of sandals that are casual enough for the beach but nice enough to go out in I came across these and I know from past experience when I find something I like, buying it in every color just makes logical sense (They come in Bahama Mama, Multi, Pink Punch, Desert Brown, and Black - as shown below). And at $24 who could resist? Bahama Mama anyone?


Cinnamon Strudel Homemade Coffee Creamer
I wouldn't call myself a real coffee drinker. I don't order my coffee black or light and sweet. When I place coffee orders they always sound like something out of CandyLand (iced caramel macchiato extra caramel and a pump of delicious). But since having Santiago now gives us 2 babies, leaving the house to place these orders is as likely as finding a Starbucks in Dominican Republic (FYI: There are NO Starbucks in Dominican Republic.). So I had to find a way to treat myself to some delicious caffeine without leaving the house. Enter Pinterest, that fabulous bitch. I came across a recipe for a Homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer that I pinned. A few months later when I went to the website I found that there were recipes for other delicious sounding Homemade Creamers like Chocolate Almond and Peppermint Mocha but Cinnamon Strudel has done it for me. It is a delicious way to start my very sleepy day. Bring on the middle of the night feedings, Santiago. I'm ready.

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