Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moves like Miley

Let's remember this Miley
Sadly, I guess we can add Miley Cyrus to the list of kid stars who thought it a good idea to focus more on image (and trashing it) and less on talent (and honing it).

Yes. Today I am yet another blogger writing another disapproving post about Miley's performance on the MTV VMA's. But here's the catch:
1. I did not watch the VMA's
2. I haven't even seen Miley's perfromance via youtube or other media channel.
And here's what I find pretty amazing about this: The press from her colossal train wreck of a performance is so huge that I didn't even have to see it to know about it. I didn't have to be witness to it to know how mangled a mess it was. Which in turn means that in this day and internet age it only takes 5 minutes to ruin your image and have the whole world know it. 

At this point, I know some of you reading this might say in her kind of "defense" that ANY press is good press and isn't that the point? And yet others will say that by writing about it, I am feeding the fodder and giving her even more press. That's fine people. But really my point today isn't about press it's about Miley.  

What I want to say here is specifically for her. Poor, confused, immature, wanting to express herself in all the wrong ways, Miley. 

Miley. I know you want to stand out, be remembered, be an individual - all of those things that that sadistic entertainment world can tell you you have to be in order to make a name for yourself. But you can stand out without wearing less and showing more and without taking the road of so many kid stars turned symbolic porn star. You don't have to wear tight bikini outfits and flap your tongue while grinding on men twice your age to prove that you're an adult because the truth is I don't know any adults that wear tight bikini outfits and flap their tongue while grinding on men twice their age. Because that would look silly. And here's the thing about standing out: it's a figurative phrase. You can do it with clothes on because it actually means that your personality, your intelligence, your humor - your essence should do the standing out, not your ass.  Just a thought.

Now let's talk about being remembered. You were. I will give you points for that. You were remembered. People will talk about this performance for weeks, heck, years to come. Like Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress to the Grammy's in 2000. But not like that. Less iconic than that (as it has been described). More trashy than that. So, I guess not at all like that dress because that was a defining moment for Jennifer Lopez. And this moment for you... let's just say it wasn't your finest. But I digress. Because you were still remembered, right? And wasn't that the point... to be remembered? But did it turn out the way you hoped? Were you remembered the way you thought you would be, the way I hope you wanted to be? I mean, is this how you want to be remembered? Because this is how I saw that others remembered it...

Via and
Via and
Via Twitter: ChloeGowanx and
Good gosh... I hope not.

And Miley, I'd like to point out that you are not the first child star to try and blow up your wholesome image by being raunchy or controversial. So... you've lost the "be an individual" thing too. That performance wasn't you being an individual. It was blasé. It was been there, done that. It was Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. It was the exact opposite of what you should be striving towards if you are looking to be an individual.

Warning: Mother Position in 3...2...
And to add the mother card, I wish that young, female entertainers would consider that what you do impacts the little girls that look up to you. The little girls who think you're cool and want to be you and think that in order to be liked and awesome they have to be remembered in whatever way makes them remembered. You don't make the battle for sexism any stronger when you wiggle your ass in a grown man's crotch or wag your tongue like a panting dog. You make my Mother job to my daughter so much harder when I have to explain to my daughter that what you did was trashy and ugly and that no one really respects girl that do that. And then I get to hear my daughter call me lame and old and tell me that I'm so out of touch because I think what you did makes you look silly. Thanks for that Miley. Moms to daughters everywhere really appreciate that.

So Miley, let's tone it down a bit. Let's look at the kind of press that this actually brought you instead of the press you were hoping it would bring you and reboot. Because if the press you are getting compares you to an "In Living Color" character that was played by a man as silly as Jim Carey than maybe you should consider that sometimes no press is better press, darling.

a mom that really hopes her daughter will not have Moves like Miley.

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