Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tips for Parenting Two Children Under Two (without going insane-asylum-bonkers!)

In the last few weeks of my second pregnancy I remember thinking one constant thought. When this kid comes out, I'm going to have two kids under the age of 2 running around on this earth. And that thought immediately wall slammed me to this thought: I wonder if there's a way to keep this second one in my belly a bit longer... at least until he's on solids.

Unfortunately, our ob-gyn said this was not "advisable." 
So, when he came out a week shy of forty, Husband and I hit the ground running with our pre-planned ideas of how to parent two children under two while trying to not go Cuckoo Clock bonkers in the process. 

Take Moments Where You Can
Being myself a second child, my first focus was on how I did not want our son, the second child, to fall ill with the Marsha, Marsha, Marshas. I thought about ways that I would spend quality time with him, ways that I would give him the same attention I gave our daughter. When he came, I realized that I was crazy to think that this would be possible because some of this just isn't Godly possible no matter how much I wanted it to be. So I had to rethink my way of thinking...

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