Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's a Second Sibling Christmas, Charlie Brown.

In the world of siblings, as a little brother, Santiago is the second child. And if we, as parents, are honest, we will admit that sometimes the second child gets the shaft. Don't feel guilty about it. It happens to the best of us. And don't get me wrong, the second child gets lots perks that come with following in their older siblings path. It's like driving behind a bigger car, they catch the wind for you and put on the mileage and you get to coast the open road of Parent Highway. Similarly, by the time I got to high school my parents had already steered the bumpy road of the teenage years so I was cruising.

My best friend growing up, a first born, used to have to clean her house - her entire house - when we were in grade school. 
I would call her to come over and play and she would say, "I can't. I have to clean the house."
I would clarify, "You mean your room?"
And she would respond clearly, "No. The whooole house." 
This same best friend's younger sister might have had a few chores growing up. Her youngest brother has had to call the house several times because he has forgetten to put gas in the car. Responsibility dwindles with each sibling. So yeah, us second children get away with a lot.

But, we should.
In many circumstances, being the second child can downright suck. Where's our saved baby hair or bronzed shoes or first tooth? I remember a Friends episode where Monica's baby stuff was destroyed by water damage because it was stored in the garage while Ross' stuff was safely and neatly tucked away in his bedroom that the Gellar parents had kept intact for him. Oh the jokes of being a second child...

In Santiago's case, he is going to look back at baby pictures and say "Why was I walking around in a pink walker?" Or "Why am I wearing a bib that says 'Daddy's Princess' or 'Hot Chick' in that picture?" Poor guy. We did our best to buy things in neutral colors but some things slipped through the cracks.

Exhibit A - The Pink Duck Walker
So, due to this Second Child Shaft Phenomenon, I have decided to make a check list of the things I will need in order to equally celebrate Santiago's First Christmas so that I don't overlook the what will be the greatest holiday moment thus creating a child that hates Christmas for the rest of his life because Mami cheated me out of my First Christmas and ruining his life forever. Too far? I agree. That was a bit over the top.

#3 Ridiculous Christmas Outfit  
(matching with his sister's and with bow tie to boot)

As for the pink duck walker, I'll change those pictures to black and white and he'll never know the difference.


  1. LOL. I love the pink duck walker. And your monochrome fix. ;o)

  2. I love your black and white fix.....classic!


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