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What's On Tap This Month - NOVEMEBER (Christmas Edition)

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Since this is the season of giving, sharing and helping, I decided to skip my usual Tap this month and instead share this list as a way to help my fellow (wo)/man with the What-do-I-give-my-(fill in blank)-for-Christmas Blues. You'll notice that I'm giving you more than enough time to order, ship, and wrap your gift without having to worry about lines, shopping, and grinchy people that wait til the last minute to Christmas shop. 
I warn you... This is a BIG one. BIG! Ideas, pictures, links, the whoooole hook up. So grab a glass bottle of wine, get your credit card ready, and browse through these fabulous gifts ideas that are as easy as, well, a click away. 

* * *
For Baby Berrrr:
1. His First Book: In my home, we are asking Santa for the new Ricky Martin book called Santiago the Dreamer. I was so excited to hear that this children's book just came out in time for the holidays in English and Spanish. yaysies!

2. Tooo Cute Bodysuits: This onesie is on backorder right now so I am very upset about that but I love it so much that I had to mention it anyway because this sweet, 80's throwback onesie is well worth the wait. 

Here are a few other onesies that you can't go wrong with...

3. Puttin' on the Ritz: What better way to dress up the holiday season for your babes than to literally dress him up. I've found, even having had a boy, that dressing him is still not as much fun as dressing my daughter. In full disclosure, I've never really been able to shop for either of my kids so that's a set back but since it's Christmas I can do all the shopping I want, right Husband?? And buy this adorable, ridiculous bow tie and vest combo by Laddies and Lasses on Etsy. I'm not a fan of spending a lot of money on onesies but this one is an excpetion. I figure he can wear it for the holidays and his birthday party and other special occasions so I've given myself the green light here.

* * * 

For Toddler Berrrrrr:
1. Mae Chevrette Art: I've said what I've wanted to say about Mae Chevrette's art but this one isn't for me. This one would be a reminder of who my daughter is... little but fierce, a force. I just can't resist this.

2. Espresso Cafe Tent: My daughter calls everything I drink - that she is not allowed to drink - café. Actualy she says, "cafeeeeeé" real fancy like. If I'm drinking wine? Cafeeeeé. Soda? Cafeeeeeé. Coffee? Cafeeeeeé. She's going to think I'm a café addict. So to further her ideas of mami's habit I found this cute Espresso Tent at - where else - Target. Now she too can sit in a café and be a writer. I love these tents because they are easy to assemble and lightweight enough that they can travel with us on road trips or day trips to the beach. Double score!
A few other cute tent ideas for the non-café drinking, writer in a café, child:  

DIY Memory Game from Burlap and Blue
3. Memory Game: Our toddler is learning and picking things up exponentially everyday so I figure it's time to get her a memory game but with a twist. I found this DIY idea at Burlap and Blue and pinned for just this occasion. This present takes a little bit of elbow grease but well worth elbow grease. Add to the fact that our toddler LOVES pictures and we've got a slam dunk here.

4. TOMS: You know what the great thing about classic TOMS is? Once my toddler is finished with them, and she will be soon at the rate she grows, I can save them for the infant son. Recap: cute pair of shoes. Double use? That's my kind if deal.

5. Older Sibling Book: Since Santiago gets his very own book with his name in it, I thought getting Rafaella a book that personalizes her name in it would be cute. And I love that I'll be reminding her what a great older sister she is.
Click on picture for more info.

* * * 

For Mommy Berrrr:

1. WHO loves cute jewelry?: i love quirky, fun jewelry. Last year I bought the bicycle bracelet from this Etsy Shop. The shop ships from China and the bracelet was very inexpensive so when it took a long time to get to me I kinda thought I had been scammed. There was some confusion in the order and after a few emails I finally received the bracelet which was exactly what I hoped it would be. This year, I've got my eye on that owl bracelet. Did I mention it's under $3.00? um... yeah. Merry Christmas. Order one for you and one for everyone you know and you still wouldn't break the bank! But order early... like now. 

Groopdealz offered an amazing deal this weekend on layered bracelets just like this in a ton of different assortments and I got a butt-load! There's still time to get yours but don't wait. This deal expires today!!!
Click on picture to check out this great deal!

2. Mae Chevrette Art: I discovered her art in an Oprah magazine and had one of those instant love moments. Her art is a mixed media marriage of beautiful words, vibrant paint, and wanderlust. What in that for me is there not to love? I can't choose which is my favorite -I've been trying to for years - so here are a few.

3. What kind of Drinking the Whole Bottle blog would I be if I didn't include a gift for my wine habit. This bottle opener which I found on Target online for less than $20 will do juuuuust fine:
Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener
4. Hair Help: I used to work at a hair salon as Lola, the receptionist. I loved that job for tooooo many reasons. One of the great perks was that once a stylist bought a new tool because there tool was getting "old" I might inherit it. So once upon a time,  I inherited a salon quality hair straightener. And life was never the same. Yeeeeeears later, after wear and tear and travel an use, it finally broke (proof that sometimes spending extra money on quality items pays off). Because good straighteners could be expensive I didn't rush on buying another one. Then I had a baby and another baby and well, who has time to do their hair. But after years of sans straight hair, I'm missing the days of my smooth, silky hair. It might be time to give up my Caribbean air wavy locks for some a city glam mane.
The OG of Hair Straighteners

* * *

For Mr. Berrrr:
I asked husband to help me with this. I said, "Hey babe, what would you want for Christmas. I'm making a list/suggestion post and need some manly things. His response: a basketball. Great. Thanks honey. I'll put that exciting item on my Daddy's List. I personally like getting Husband experiences as gifts. He's not much of a "stuff" guy so getting him clothes, hats, mugs, or ties is as exciting to him as sterilizing baby bottles, maybe a little less exciting than sterilizing baby bottles. Here are some ideas for experiences...

1. A Night Out - you think mommy needs some get away time? Daddy needs it too. And probably wants some getaway time with you. Try a new restaurant with a great view or treat him to a ballet or opera or kayak ride if he's the kind of guy that likes to try it all. It's not only a gift he'll remember but one he can then look forward to. Check Travelzoo and similar sites to help you find great local and entertainment deals in your area.

Check out this Madison Ave. Hotel I found on Travelzoo!
(King & Grove Hotel)
2. A Mini Vacay: One of the things I love about NJ is that it is so close to New York City. When Husband and I are in desperate need of a little time away together, we escape to one of the greatest cities in the world. So I take Travelzoo a step further and find hotel deals in a nearby, driveable city. I like to try different hotels and different areas of Mnahattan that allow us to explore and discover the amazing gem that is NYC. SInce it is only a 45 minute drive away, we save on airline tickets and the pressure to take in everything a new place has to offer. Instead, we can do some leisurely sightseeing, take in a show, or just relax at our hotel. Check out Travelzoo for other cities and destinations and great deals near you.

3. Cable Clips: This is kind of for me but since I think most husbands like electronic type things I put it on Husband's list. These little clips have a huge organizational purpose. I love organization. Simply, peel the back and stick them on a wall, table, desk, etc. and insert cable. You will never again, knock your head against the wall because you are bending over an end table trying to reach for the cable that slid off the table to the floor amidst a sea full of other wires. Yes. This has happened. A lot.

4. And of course, a basketball. 

* * *
and finally...
Surprise Present:
I always like to have a few tricks up my sleeve. Sure it's great to give people something they want but I love surprising people with gifts they never expected. This year, although I am thinking up some more surprise gifts there is one in particular that I am excited about. It will be a gift for Baby Berrr but also for Daddy Berrrrr since he will get more excitement out of it right now than our 9 month old will. Sorry, I can't disclose the surprise gift in case Baby Berrrr is reading this right now but think about what would be a great surprise gift for your family or someone special...

As an added bonus, don't miss your chance to shop 15% off for selected gifts at Zinc Door through December 15th, using the promo code GIFTING Happy Shopping!

The next few weeks at Drinking the Whole Bottle will be full of Holiday Magic as we talk about: 

  • Christmas Decorating and Undecorating Made Easy
  • Untraditional Ways of Christmas Gift Giving
  • Surprise Gift Ideas 
  • and More...


  1. Great gift ideas!! Love the onesies - I loved buying funny ones for my boys. And almost ordered the elf one in boys sizes about a week or so ago! :) And love the art pieces - especially the little but fierce. One of my very favorite Shakespeare lines!
    Hope Santa brings everyone all their wishes! :)

  2. I can't wait to buy gifts this year!!! I am so excited....thanks for the motivation with this list :)


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