Monday, December 9, 2013

Tunesday Tuesday: And my Jukebox Plays... Mood Ring

We all need a little music in our lives. A good song can answer a question, soothe the soul and provide an escape. It can recall a memory in the most vivid detail and evoke the most intense feelings.

 “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” -Sarah Dessen

We created Tunesday Tuesday to do just that, bring people together through music.

Every Monday night at 9pm the link up will go live at The Patchwork Paisley, Drinking the Whole Bottle, Momma Candy, and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. We will designate a theme, and hope that you will share a song that embodies said theme for you. Post the video for the song, an audio clip, the lyrics- however you want to do it. Then, write a little something about why this song captures the week's theme and link up your post here with us! 

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What mood are you in?

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Next week's theme will be...
Favorite or Least Favorite Holiday Song.

Music choice follows the mood you're in, right? Or maybe your mood follows the music you're listening to. Hmmm... interesting thought. Chicken or the egg? I can never decide.

This week's Tunesday Tuesday is that kind of question for me since this week's theme is a song that fits my current mood. My current mood that is part serene, part Christmas, part cozy, part sad, part crazed, part ecstatic. See, a few days ago I flew back into Newark Airport, back to NJ, back home. I love being home around the holidays. I love the chill in the air and driving around my streets - old, familiar streets lined with brightly decorated holiday houses that snuggle me safely without the thought of losing me. I love wearing warm leggings and sweatshirts and sitting with a blanket on the couch in front of our magical Christmas tree watching the kids play with their cousins. But I'm half full right now. Half full because my other half, Husband, is not here... yet. He arrives in another two weeks. 

So while I am overwhelmed with happiness and goodness and spirit to be physically "home" my emotional "home" is divided. 

While I only knew the melodic chorus of this song until I googled it just now, when I heard the lyrics I thought this was a good choice for today because it's about Coming Home - wherever (physically or emotionally or spiritually) that might be. But it's not just about the good feelings that come with coming home. It's about the road to coming home. About contemplating the decisions made, about loving someone and still screwing it up. About losing people we love but finding the strength to continue. About being unsure of yourself and trying harder to be better. About the past and the journey and how one is so affected by the other. About being lost but ultimately finding your way back... home.


It's what made me, saved me, drove me crazy
Drove me away then embraced me
Forgave me for all my shortcomings Welcome to my homecoming
Yeah, it's been a long time coming
Lots of fights, lots of scars, lots of bottles,
Lots of cars, lots of ups, lots of downs...


  1. Great Choice! I so remember this song and I can see why you chose it! This Hop is so much fun! :D

  2. It muse be so hard being here without Mike! I know what you mean about having split feelings with the holiday excitement and the feeling of home, but not being able to share it with the whole fam. He'll be there soon!

    1. i know. just today, i took crazy video and pics of Rafa playing in the snow for the first time and it was sooooo awesome and so sad. Jesus! I hate being emotional. But soon enough... a little less than 2 weeks.

  3. That must be terribly hard to be away from your hubby like that. I've been away from mine for a couple weeks before, but never around the holidays. What a great comforting song, though. A familiar melodic tune with some soothing beats in between always makes me feel better, anyway. Hope the next couple of weeks goes smoothly and quickly without too much pain.

    1. Hey Heather! I knew it would be tough but that it would be tougher for him - which it is - but it's hard here too. So many things happening this time of year and sad that he's missing some. But I have tons planned for when he gets here!

  4. I know it's probably hard to be away from the husband but I bet you're loving being home! I'm so glad you got to do that! Great song choice, too!

  5. I totally feel ya with this pick and your sentiments about going home and feeling the holiday spirit a different way… there.
    Loving this linkup.


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