Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tunesday Tuesday: And the Jukebox Plays... That Song is So Last Year

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Next week's theme will be...
Your Motivator
And now...
Week 5:
What is that one song you heard over and over again and still aren't sick of?

The one that you fell in love with the moment you heard it?

                                                                                  One must on the soundtrack of your 2013?

Hands Down...
"Ho Hey" by the Lumineers was my favorite song of 2013. It was so my favorite song that when I looked up songs of 2013 to remind myself of this year's music and saw that "Ho Hey" was a song of 2013 I thought it must have been a mistake for I have listened to that song so many times that I was sure it was at least a few years old, a year was not long enough for it to have been released, could it? 

It was so well played and endlessly spun on my proverbial turntable that it became my two year old daughter's FIRST favorite song asking me (or papi) to play it - in the car, at home, on YouTube, before bedtime - which only meant that I listened to it more. Soon, I started to believe that it was her favorite song and would think to myself Thank God her favorite song is a song that I like not remembering that I had probably brainwashed her to begin with having stuffed that song so far down her throat that she had no choice really but to regurgitate it back out from her own little lungs.  

When I checked out the rest of that list I also realized that Macklemore was unknowingly my favorite artist of the year with a song so to the point that I couldn't - and can't - help but get chills when I hear it ("Same Love") and a song so darn catchy that I lose my breath dancing to it every time it plays ("Can't Hold Us").

And then there's my Surprise Favorite of 2013...
Dear Katy Perry,
I'm sorry that I kind of hate on you. It's just that you seem so young and bubble gum and married Russel Brand that I disregard all of your music which is funny because, thinking back, I do like a lot of your songs. So while I knew that "Roar" was becoming an obvious hit of 2013 I never really listened to it until the other day when Rafaella found the video on YouTube. She's obsessed, I'm obsessed. So we're a year late but it'll be on rotation in 2014. Thanks for making songs that build people up. I promise I'll stop thinking you're bubble gum. 

So, here they are...

"Ho Hey" 

"Can't Hold Us"

"Same Love"


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  1. Have you seen the hospital flash mob youtube video of Roar? Won me over. Same with her song Firework. When I hear it I think of my son.

  2. Katy Perry is definitely among my top artists....she just won me over with Unconditionally! IMG what a great song! Right up there with ROAR for sure....

  3. LOVE all these song choices! The Lumineers: YES!!! I'm listening to it right now as I am commenting on how much I love it! It gives me faith that good music hasn't totally died! And "Can't Hold Us" always gets me hyped!


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