Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tunesday: And the Jukebox Plays... This song, AGAIN?

Week 11: Love Song
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 Your Favorite Booty Shaker Song
And now...

Thank you, Megan at The Patchwork Paisley for your beautiful artwork EVERY week!

I was a teenager who was a hopeless romantic. Bad combination. I dreamt of grand gestures of movie kinds of love. The end scene of "An Officer and a Gentleman"... swoon. Aladdin's magic carpet ride... sigh. I never really liked the movie "Say Anything" (I know. I know. Don't kill me!) but the scene where John Cusack blasts Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" through the boombox he is holding over his head... why don't I just blow up into a million heart shaped pieces.

So it should come as no surprise that as a brooding, poetry writing teenager I could be found in my room listening to love songs over and over and over and over. (Back then I had cassette tapes so to listen to a song over and over and over and over I had to physically get up and hit rewind. Wait for it to rewind. Then hit play. I'm sure my mom was thankful for this since it gave her at least a one minute break from listening to the same song too. Over and over and over and over.)

One in particular.

When I think back to these years, there is only one song. This song. No other song comes close. How I didn't break the cassette tape from repeated listening is a secret only between God, the Universe, and Physics. I waited for days to catch this song on the radio and called into radio stations to dedicate this song to Teenage Boy so that I could hit Record and tape it. And then it came everywhere with me. If you didn't know me in middle school, you should thank your lucky stars. If you did - you already know my Love Song:

Oh my God. I can't even handle how much I still love this song. 
What's your Love Song???

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  1. Ooooooh, you're taking it back with Miss Janet! LOVE this song and decades later, it STILL sounds good. SO happy to have found you through Tunesday Tuesday! :)

    1. oh did I love Poetic Justice Janet. Can't wait to hear your choice. Thanks for joining us, Dara!!!

  2. You totally took me back with this one! I had to stay and listen to the whole song :) Ooo.. this one gets me... middle school heartbreak! Thanks for sharing such a great pick!

  3. Oh my god that song. Definitely remember laying on my bean bag chair next to my boom box on the floor of my bedroom rewinding that one over and over. Sigh. Awesome pick.


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