Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tunesday Tuesday: And the Jukebox Plays: Booty isn't just a Pirate Word

Week 11: Booty Booty Booty
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 A song that reminds you of someone
And now...
Photo credit: Megan Hawthorne of The Patchwork Paisley. Isn't she amazing???

What is a booty shaking song? 

I ask Google: 

The first two results I see are:
KC and the Sunshine Band - Shake Your Booty
Twerking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hmmmm... These are pretty different results.

This time I just search for booty shake definition. Maybe the definition could give me some insight into where the booty shake originated. 

This is what I get:

I could see this isn't going to get me far because there doesn't seem to be one set judgement, one hammered down set of rules that could define what a "booty shaking song" is. I think Maybe there is no one set definition of a booty shaking song because everyone's booty, like fingerprints or taste buds, are different. Perhaps my booty is moved by music that makes your booty sit still (pun intended). Could it be possible that a booty shaking song cannot be shackled by the tyranny of a definition? Maybe a booty shaking song cannot be held down and confined or generalized or limited to one type of booty. Is it possible that you just know your booty song when you hear it? Like soulmates?

I have an epiphany. 
We are a world of booties that are inspired to shake by the beat of our own drummer. 

Doubtlessly you hear the words "Booty Shaking Song" and you, like Husband, have probably been singing "Rump Shaker" in your subconscious. I would vote this the "Go To" booty shaking song by a slim margin since Baby Got Back is an obvious "Go To" as well. 

But if by my epiphany definition a booty song is anything that makes MY booty move than these are not my booty shaking songs, no matter how much other booty they make move. 

There's just something so gooooooooood about your booty shaking song that you will not cannot hold your booty back. To try and do so would be an injustice. So to not injustify my booty I'm gonna give you my award winning booty shaking song(s) and then dance my ass off!

This year (or last year) Macklemore & Ryan came out with a song called "Can't Hold Us." It is physically impossible for me to hear this song and not lose my ever loving mind. I don't bounce or jam to this tune; I fucking straight up jump when I hear it. It makes me move so much that sometimes dancing isn't enough and I just have to jog in place in order to move my whole body enough. In the car it makes me want to dance so hard I am close to driving off a cliff when I hear it, or at the least, crashing into oncoming traffic. Simply put: it's dangerous when I hear this song. I fear a heart attack. "Like a great white shark on Shark Week, what?!" 

BUT what's a booty shaking song prompt without Miss Bootylicious herself. The original just Beyonce song that always makes me want to shake and get crazy:

What defines your Booty Shaking Song?

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  1. I love your deep and thoughtful look in to the many facets of booty shaking and the booty shakin' song. So true, so true. Now, can I saw that I am OBsessed with Macklemore. I was this close to adding "White Walls" to my list this week, but the factor kept it out of the running. I have a huge crush on him too.

    1. haha. glad you enjoyed my take on the education of the booty shake.

  2. I am LOVING the theme this week! It's not often I can do my blogging AND have a dance party with my kiddos! It's like combining the best of everything awesome! :)
    Awesome picks! You definitely had my booty shaking! And I loved your search for the real definition of botty shaking! Haha!

    1. you know, Beth, you're right. ONe of the reasons I love Tunesday is because I get to listen to the song I'm writing about and remember why I liked it so much to begin with. And surprisingly, this was one of my favorite themes to write about. who knew i would ever write about my search for the definition of the booty shake.

  3. LOL! This is great! I love the thoughtful contemplation...a great touch! Nothing better that being able to find your own booty shakin song! Have a great week!

    1. Hey Stacy! Thanks for stopping in. I hope you continue to join us for Tunesday. I have a great time writing these as you can see by my officialness of the booty shake.


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