Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And the Jukebox Plays: Tunesday Tuesdays - Using the "Bop" to Help Katrina Victims

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And Now...

There are songs that you love to hate. For me that song is Celebration by Kool & the Gang. Cna't tell you what it is about that song that makes me want to drill my eardrums out so that I never have to listen to that song again, but if you ever wanted to torture me - think Clockwork Orange torture - all you'd have to do  is play that song over and over and over again. I'd tell you anything you wanted to know.

But this week we are asked to name a song we hate to love. That song that you know you should hate because it is that bad but you can't help but find it a little catchy. My choice seems so obvious that I wouldn't be surprised if we all chose it.

It's this:

But here's a quick story I love about just how catchy and hated this song is for people:

In 2005 after Hurricane Katrina swept through parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama like a giant wielding a broom devastating New Orleans beyond rational belief, schools across America began raising money to donate to the victims.

One school in Pennsylvania came up with a tune-tastic way to make money... fast.

As I heard the DJ tell the story on a New York radio station, this school decided that they would play MMMBop, brother band Hanson's hit in 1996 on the loudspeaker of the school. Every day. At the beginning of each day. And before classes. And throughout lunch. And in between classes during every passing. The idea was to annoy the students so much that they would pay to stop the music - to "Stop the Bop" as they called it.

Genius. If each student donated $5 to "Stop the Bop," the school would raise $3000.

So to this I say:

Thank you for creating a song so catchy and so annoying that a school could raise funds on the principal of ending your play time.

As for me, I gotta say, I'm not sure how much I would have wanted to "Stop the Bop."

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  1. I hate to love this song, too! Or just love it. But that's why we're Jn*sync.

  2. This is for sure one that you almost can't help but to sing along! LOL! Have a great week!

    1. Riiiight?! Darn catchy annoying song with boppy tune!


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