Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Expat Village: When Abundance and Slenderness Collide

Quick Link: Lowering Your Expat Expectations

I have a friend who lived in Venezuela and then moved to Dominican Republic and loves the "easy availability of goods" here. I moved from the States, where there is never even a discussion of "availability of goods" unless there is a pending hurricane on its way so I find living here at times frustrating because of its unavailability of goods. It's all relative isn't it?
The waitress came with our cappuccinos but informed me that there was no mozzarella cheese for my Caprese Sandwich. Since i had already studied the menu for far too long before choosing that sandwich, I knew that my back-up choice would be the Lox Sandwich. She hesitated for a moment before informing me again that they didn't have that either. I laughed awkwardly and asked to see the menu again... 

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