Friday, June 27, 2014

Lip Sync Drive By: Burn

Can't think of a better way to wish you a Happy Friday!!!

This started out as an extended joke.

About a month ago, all of our DR-buddies got together for a Lip Sync Battle Party at the infamous (amongst us) Kury Rooftop and since our friends are AWESOME(!) we had a great turn out with over 20 performances. That night, decided on by equal parts judge votes and audience votes, our friend Mike, in his black miniskirt and gray tank top that read "Some Pretty Girl" ran sang lip sang away with the First Ever Lip Sync Battle Party Trophy to Ellie Goulding's Burn. It was amazing on its own but with his addition of enlisting the help of our talented, flame blowing friend, the performance blew us away (pun intended).

Yesterday, on our way home from the USA/Germany game we were pumped! Having secured a place in the next round of the World Cup (even if it was a losing game) and after having had myself a couple of morning libations for the game (thank you Betheny and your Skinnygirl drinks) we heard Ellie's song on the radio. We realized we'd never hear this song the same way ever again thanks to Mike's interpretation, so as an homage to his win, we recorded this (click here to watch directly on Vimeo).

From this, an idea was born: Armed with seat belts (safety first), music, an Eau de Toilette of Not-Taking-Ourselves-Too-Seriously(since we obviously don't know all the words), and Husband's mad safe driving skillz we are ready (and really excited) to bring you:

Got a request? Let's hear 'em.

Disclaimer: No driving laws were broken in the making of this video. Safety precautions such as seat belts, eyes on road at all times, volume moderation, and no right on red were followed. 

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