Friday, December 12, 2014

A Skeptic's Guide to Elf on a Shelf

When I first started seeing this Elf on a Shelf craze unfolding, I admit, I was skeptical. It seemed like something that would totally be up my alley but I thought it was a bit strange. When it began taking over my Pinterest account, I was a bit annoyed. 

And then I read the Elf on a Shelf / Dinovember dad post and the explanation: "how in this world of technology and non mystery this is a little bit of mystery that you can give your kids." That began my change of heart with the Elf. Then I read about the Kindness Elves and I was sold.

Now I get it. And once you get it, the world becomes impossibly huge 
... because there are soooo many possibilities. 

But first... the elf needs an identity 

I found THESE, a great (and super adorable) alternative to the typical Elf on the Shelf and if I'm gonna get Husband behind this, the elf has to look much more traditional and waaaay less commercial.

We also can't call the elf - "Elf"; Elf will need a name. Since our kids, at the moment, speak more Spanish than English, I could go with a Spanish name like Don Miguel or SeƱor Gigante (irony). Or maybe I could use one of the baby names we liked but didn't get to use like Penny. But let's be real, we're a family from Jersey, so this elf will be named Bruce or Tony Soprano. Let's go classy NJ style... Frank Sinatra.

So to get you (possibly a skeptic) started, I searched Pinterest and Google and Facebook and blogs and every other social media you could imagine for far too many hours and I have narrowed down my favorite ideas. And with 13 days left til the big day, here's a great place to start (or end). It's never too late to believe...

The Introduction

Since Frank Sinatra is going to be part of the family, he will need a proper introduction. I love the thought and detail behind creating a whole Facebook page for him.

The Opening Act

When I was a kid, every year - on one special evening - a huge firetruck full of Santa's helpers and the big guy himself buzzed drove passed our house blasting Christmas music. My grandmother, more excited than anyone, would yell at us that Santa was coming and we would leap out of the house forgetting coats and scarves inside to follow the firetruck around the streets of our neighborhood. I looked forward to it every year. Why not make this something your kids will look forward to? Stuff Frank Sinatra in your child's snow boots with some Christmasy goodies for when they come home from school or have Frank Sinatra inflate balloons and fill their room while they sleep. Is your kid a light sleeper... no worries, Franky could streamer their door for when they wake up. Your kids will look forward to the arrival of Frank Sinatra every year so go Jersey Big (which means over the top).

The Leader of the Rat Pack

Frank Sinatra is there to fill your kids with imagination but also to promote helpfulness and good behavior - to be a leader - so use that little elf, man. "Kids... don't you think Frank Sinatra would help me clean up." Make this a way to get the kids in on the action by putting Franklin to work. He could help wrap presents, count down the days, and make breakfast. I especially love Home Stories A to Z mini pancakes!

The Ra(t)scal 

I love a good hellion. And Frank Sinatra would not be very fun if he was all helpful and not a dash of hellion, so let him get into some trouble and give your kids a good laugh.
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But this has GOT TO BE my favorite, hellion!

The News Spreader 

Frank Sinatra is nothing if not a mover and a shaker and a start "spreading the news"-er. What a festive way to let your kids know what you will be doing that day: Look kids, Frank Sinatra knew we were taking our family portrait today! Or when they wake up on Saturday morning they'll be excited to find Franky in the kitchen making a mess with Christmas cookies. Mmmm. I guess Old Blue Eyes wants us to make cookies this morning.
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The Honest Frank Reminder 

Let's be Frank (couldn't help it), at the end of it all, we want our kids to remember the true spirit of Christmas: to be kind to one another, to believe in the wonder and miracle of the season, and that to give is a far better gift than to receive. Let Frank Sinatra suggest visiting a Children's hospital or making something for others. Visit The Imagination Tree and the Kindness Elves for incredible ideas on how Frank Sinatra and the kiddos could share kindness and goodness. And to take my Skeptic's Guide one step further, check out these Random Acts of Kindness FREE Printables to use with Frank Sinatra via Mommy Savers.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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