Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween at Carol Morgan

Here's a glimpse of Carol Morgan's grounds (the school Mike is teaching at here in Santo Domingo). It is a beautiful place to come to work everyday. (Pictures taken from Miki Paulson's blog, "Day by Day in the DR" at

In what seems to be Dominican Carol Morgan fashion, Halloween is done BIG here! While in the US, the teachers (as always) are responsible for not just teaching, but grading, planning, conferencing, copying, advising, and in many cases, parenting, and more (all done during their lunch hour) They are also responsible for decorating their rooms, bulletin boards and classroom decor (also to be done during their lunch hour). Here, these decorations were all done by the parents. Parents you say? You mean here, parents don't push another responsibility onto the teachers' plate? Parents here are this involved in their child's school? What kind of crazy place is this?? Yep. The PTO here isn't just something to say you do for your kids. Parents here actually take this serious and are involved.

In a different direction, this was a beautiful day (with breeze constitutes beautiful for me) that we took advantage of for a family outing to the school grounds. The dogs LOVE it here because they get to let out their dogmic energy and we love it because we forget that we're in a crowded, crazy city for a little bit.

Jersey looking at his mom (me) trying to figure out how to get to her.

On the way to CMS

Halloween Hallways BEGIN!

At the open soccer field. We love to walk around here while our dogs explore!

Dad with the City Mini Stroller

Mom with the Zolowear Sling


  1. OMG, you're PARENTS!!! lol.. love it!

  2. i love mike rocking the willow lake shirt! you guys look adorable!1

  3. Liz - Of all things in the pictures, I love that you noticed that.


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