Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, you Fabulous YOU!

Happy Birthday, you Fabulous YOU!

Yes, you are correct. I am referring to myself when I say "you" and also when I say "fabulous." So fabulous you is actually fabulous me.

And why not? This year I turned 32 and I have it all. And isn't that the definition of fabulous??? Extremely pleasing or successful - that is the definition - at least by the Free Online Dictionary.

So, yeah, fabulous me who has it all!

And you could have it all too. Whatever you want. The secret? That's easy. Go get it.

I'll be honest... I was really excited to find out that I was getting out of the house for a 5 hour spa day. Here is my day from the beginning:

After being escorted to the locker room to change into my spa robe.

In my robe, awaiting my first treatment.

At the jacuzzi

So relaxed after my salt glow scrub and water massage.

Lunch: Caprese salad (and reading my O Magazine.

After my jacuzzi, sauna, steam shower, salt scrub, facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, wash and blowdry. Who has the best husband? I believe I do!
Speaking of which... there he is. The most terrific husband who supports, loves, takes care, and inspires me.
I was thrilled to share in a deliciously cheesy sausage and eggplant pizza with my husband at Angelo's... a yummy spot in Plaza España in the Colonial Zone
But Chinola Margaritas trump pizza everytime.

Did I mention Chinola Margaritas??

And just when I thought the surprise was over... He checks us into Nicolas de Ovenda - one of the best hotels in Santo Domingo!
He even packed for me! Seriously - he packed for me.

For that evening we were a couple again. Just us.

We sat by the pool and talked like old times when conversations didn't involve questions like "What time did you feed the baby?" and "did she poop yet today?"
Some of the hotels beautiful scenery. And yes the trees and background are pretty too!
Second wedding site???
Looks like something out of "Lost"

We walked along the old streets of the Colonial Zone holding hands and talking and being romantical. Keep in mind, as much as I baby blog, this is my first year as a Newlywed.
The entrance to our hotel.
Streets of the Colonial Zone

We had a lovely dinner without worrying that the baby in the stroller next to us was going to wake up. And then in the same plaza was a free outdoor concert!
CZ shadows

But by the end of the night, something was missing...

Turns out that I missed the little Rafa. That little stink pot whose fat neck rolls hide day old milk and whose hands swallow enough of my hair to make a wig. I missed her. Not in a "we need to leave now and not stay the night" kind of way but in a "something's missing" kind of way. Yet I still know that everything in life is about balance. I would be with "Sparkling Angel Face" soon enough... tonight we were going to enjoy sleeping the WHOLE night without the anticipation of little sleep peeps. Tonight we weren't parents. Tonight we were something else, something we used to be and will slowly no longer be - just the two of us.

Although my day was allllll about me, as you can see in my pictures, it was a little different this year because this was the first year that I celebrated my birthday as a mother... and that changes everything.

(oh yeah... it was my first birthday as a wife, too!). I love you, Meeks.

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