Saturday, January 28, 2012

Splish, Splash

Bath time!

Our sweet Rafa Rubio is an incredibly easy, peaceful, and intelligent baby. I joke that with the help we have and her incredibly mature and sweet demeanor we are raising a part-time baby. We have all the good of a baby and none of the bad. She sleeps through the night (only waking up at about 5:00 am for her "tete" and then right back to sleep until anywhere between 7:00-8:00 at which time she eats and goes back to sleep.) Did I mention she's 3 and a half months... and that she has basically been sleeping well like this since she was 3 weeks? She eats like a champ. She's not at all fussy about her food. She cries for two reasons: she's super tired or she's super hungry and even these cries are more of a warning cry and not a full on savage beast war cry. She smiles and coos and loves company but if I need to do something I can put her in her little rocker or on her play mat and she'll entertain herself.

So now that we've established that she's pretty amaze at everything I could say that what she's best at are her baths. Our part-time baby is a full-time bath LOVER. Maybe she's so comfortable in the water because of her Cuban roots (sorry, I couldn't resist that joke)? She kicks and laughs and almost sings in the bath, but beyond enjoying it, she's just relaxed. It is definitely her favorite time of day and dare I say the ONLY time she forgets she's hungry. Bath time trumps food time which if you've ever seen this little piggy eat is a top priority time.

As for Mike and I, bath time might be out favorite time too. We have a rhythm, an effortless synchronization. We move with ease and have our routine down like a pair of synchronized swimmers. She may not always like bath time. One day, when she's older, she may not even want to shower, but for now, no one could take bath time from me.

On her way to bath time
Bath time suit
She's going to kill me when she gets older.
She has such intense eyes... they follow everything!!

She even poses for the camera
I told you... those eyes are intense
Pouty mouth
How many hands does it take to clean a baby?
Bubbles and feet
All clean

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