Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Us Girls Weekend

One of the beauties of living on a tropical island (besides the Caribbean Ocean, the sweet, fresh fruit, the swaying palm trees, the laid back attitudes, the peaceful breeze, the manageable lifestyle with the nannies and maids, etc., etc., etc) is that weekend trips aren't just doable, they're almost mandatory!

I will stop here and say that since Husband and I got here, we have taken some long weekend trips but not all since we got here with belly 7 months swollen and we are family living on a one parent income so we don't have as much in the extra finance department as others (insert another beauty of tropical island living: that we could still even afford to live off of a one parent income, let alone go away on occasion.) With that being said, this weekend is a long weekend here in Santo Domingo and while normally we spend it as a family, this weekend will be a little different.

Our great friend Shayna, at the beginning of the year, took the reigns and started organizing a Girls' Yoga Retreat Weekend. She did all of the legwork: the searching, the calculations, the booking, the details, the instructors, and so forth. For months we have been paying installments to her so as not to get behind and now, after 4 months, it's finally here. We leave tomorrow - 17 of us girls - for a long weekend of yoga, meditation, and each other.

Let me say that again - 17 of us girls are going away together - no kids, no families, no responsibilities but being good to ourselves, our bodies, and our minds. Do you know how rare that is? Dare I say that this will be the first time some of these ladies will ever be away from their kids!

Being 7 months swollen - again - I don't know how much I will be able to downward dog and triangle pose but what I am searching the most for is quiet. A time and place to clear my head and relax - truly relax - before our newest addition, our beautiful baby boy, fills our life with another set of pitter pattering feet. A time to read, a time to think and be, a time for a hot cup of uninterrupted coffee with good friends and amazing, inspiring women.

We are staying at Villa Serena located in Las Galeras, a location that National Geographic voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - not bragging or gloating or anything. To understand my complete ecstatic-ness of this weekend, please click the Villa Serena link to get an idea of where we are staying this weekend... just us girls!

Shayna - you will SOOO be missed this weekend. ♥2

Here are some pictures of our first trip to Villa Serena

Rafa and Papi at the pool having a blast!

More Rafa fun times at the pool

The Hotel
Simple view from our room

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