Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year's 2013: Your Life's To Do List

Life has so many possibilities.

About a decade ago, I had graduated college with no job or prospect of a job. Or money. I did however, thanks to my parents, have a ticket to Europe and a 39 day Contiki Tour booked to travel to 12 Western European countries. To say that I saw so many amazing things is an understatement. What I saw was timeless pieces of art, world-changing architecture, immortal moments in the history of humanity - things you only think exist in history books.

I decided shortly after to start a Life's To Do List, a list that would remind me of the awe-inspiring things life has to offer. A list that reminds me that life is astonishingly simple, breathtakingly funny, and frighteningly short.

This list is ever evolving and changing. I add things. I delete things. In my physical Life's To Do List Journal, I keep pictures and memorabilia from the things that I have checked off. I also included some of the things that I have already done that I never want to forget.

This list reminds me of the things that I have done and the things still left to do. It keeps me on track and remembering all of the many things that I still want to do and see and appreciate. 

So for 2013, instead of making a resolution that you might not keep why not make your own Life's To Do List. It's easy - don't think, just start writing. Write anything and everything you've ever wanted to do: silly, serious, simple. And then choose which to do first and do it. Take pictures, keep ticket stubs, paste them into a journal and look through it every once in a while to remind yourself how lucky you are and of how good life has been. 

Oh the Good, Good Life. 

Feel free to suggest or steal any ideas. Check regularly on the Life's To Do List page for updates!

1. Get married 
2. Have children 
3. Have success 
4. Make another film 
5. Learn to sail
6. Visit Maine 
7. Ride in a float in a parade 
8. Volunteer 
9. Karaoke...LOUDLY 
10. Dance on a bar 
11. Get a dog 
12. Be in love in Paris
13. See Europe 
14. and then go back
15. See the Eiffel Tower 
16. Learn the guitar
17. Do something I'm terrified of 
18. Go horseback riding
19. Ride on a firetruck
20. Ride on a mechanical bull 
21. Take a trip by myself
22. Rent a house with friends 
23. Swallow my pride 
24. Go to Cuba 
25. Take up a sport 
26. Publish my writing 
27. Take a road trip 
28. Meet Paulo Coelho
29. See the Pyramids
30. Make a difference (even if small) 
31. Attend a Yankee's vs. Red Sox game 
32. See an opera 
33. Earn my Master's
34. Sing on stage 
35. Vegas Baby! 
36. Attend one of those fancy NYC parties (or other hot city) 
37. Plant a tree 
38. Give back 
39. Write my family's story 
40. Write a novel
41. Hold an Oscar or other fancy award 
42. Ride a camel
43. Visit Africa on safari
44. Swing on a trapeze 
45. Stay at an Ice Hotel
46. See the Mona Lisa in person 
47. Sleep on a beach overnight
48. Get my own star 
49. Adopt a pet 
50. Work on an ice cream truck 
51. Hear Jesse's Girl (Rick Springfield) LIVE 
52. Hear Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen) LIVE 
53. Ride in a police car 
54. Go to a drive-in
55. Visit Savannah, Georgia
56. Go to a DMB concert out of state 
57. Go to a boxing match
58. See all 7 Wonders of the World:
Chichenitza [Mexico]
Taj Mahal [India]
Petra [Jordan]
Christ the Redeemer [Brazil]  
Colosseum [Italy] 
Great Wall of China [China], 
Machu Pichu [Peru]

59. Take an RV camping
60. Climb the "Rocky" stairs 
61. Attend a DMB concert that goes on LIVE CD 
62. Line dance
63. See the Grand Canyon
64. Go on a for realsies sleigh ride
65. Oktoberfest in Germany
66. Carnival in Rio
67. Drink a beer out of a stein ath the original "beer garden" - Hofbräuhaus 
68. Picnic in central park 
69. Drive cross-country
70. Visit the Christmas Village (in PA or Germany)
71. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center under the tree
72. Learn to Tango 
73. Go to a political convention
74. Visit Montreal
75. Walk for a cause
76. Have an adult sleepover with friends 
77. Locks of Love
78. See a movie opening night 
79. Visit God family in Texas 
80. Go on vacation with my sister
81. Visit the Hamptons
82. Visit all 7 continents:
North America 
South America 

83. Climb a tree
84. Go to Coney Island
85. Walk on Beale Street (Memphis) 
86. Sing at Carnegie Hall
87. Attend the music festival at New Orleans
88. Take a trolley in  San Francisco
89. Drink wine in a French Château 
90. Gondola ride in Venice 
91. Go dogsledding
92. Grape stomping
93. Play Santa for Christmas 
94. Kiss under the mistletoe
95. Go to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day (do they celebrate that there?)
96. Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
97. Meet Oprah 
98. Teach at the college level
99. Design my own pair of shoes
100. Create a vision board
101. Pay off my credit card debt 
102. Walk in the Colosseum 
103.  Visit Charleston, South Carolina
104. Help Habitat for Humanity
105. Take a nap under a tree
106. Work at a soup kitchen
107. Teach Beckett to salsa dance 
108. Get certified and teach a Zumba class
109. Live in a different country ✓ 
110. Live in Europe
111. Be part of a dance flash mob

If anyone would like to help me fulfill any of the items on my list, I will gladly take you up on your offer!  

#2 Have children
#1 Get married

#1 Get married 
#11 Get a dog and #49 Adopt a pet

#24 Go to Cuba
#109 Live in a different country (Dominican Republic)
#68 Picnic in Central Park
#22 Rent a house with friends
#32 See an opera
#27 Take a road trip
#44 Swing on a trapeze
#85 Walk on Beale Street
#35 Vegas Baby!

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