Monday, April 15, 2013

The Quick Soap Opera Recap

If my life were a soap opera, the quick soap opera recap conversation with Samantha McCall from General Hospital (my self chosen soap opera BFF) would sound like this:

Sam: Jen. Wow! Congratulations on your new baby boy. Santiago Paulo was born healthy on March 22 at 8lb. 1 oz and 20..5 inches, right? You look great but, gosh, your husband, Mike must have been a little worried since the planned c-setion had a few complications for you, huh?  
Me: Yeah. Luckily, the complications weren't anything life threatening and we were home with our little Santiago and his big sister Rafaella in a few days.

What I love about soap opera conversation is that many months' worth of information has been divulged within a few fully packed sentences. Like the gabby, intellectual teenage characters of Dawson's Creek, you wonder Does anyone actually talk like this?


But it has its usefulness. Sometimes, like in a soap opera, you don't have time to craft a beautifully written piece because there's so much to catch up on. You just gotta get the information out there so that you could create the stories that follow.

So here's what you should have walked away with in my soap opera conversation with Sam McCall:
  1. I had a baby a few weeks ago.
  2. The baby was a boy named Santiago.
  3. I am married to Mike.
  4. I had a few minor complicatations with a planned c-section.
  5. We have another child.
  6. Our other child is a girl.
  7. Her name is Rafaella. 

It is intense how quickly life moves. In my last post, I was awaiting the arrival of Little B(oy) and now Little B, Santiago, is with us - waking us up at night, sleeping all day, and peeing on everyone. In other words, he's perfect and just as he should be.

It is exactly as I remembered it. Well, kinda. Your mind has a funny way of blocking out the misery of the first few months of NewbornDom by implanting the iconic, movie moments of smelling his sweet head and his mily breath and staring at him when he's peacefully sleeping and deeply breathing. I believe this is the mind's way of protecting you from your thoughts, of helping you to go through another newborn even through all of it's hardships and breeeeathe reminders and moments of zombielike, blurry eyed motions. Get through today. Get through tonight. 

Now I remember why I don't remember the first 6 weeks of Rafaella, I sleepwalked through all of it straight into Dreamland where reality is 18 years and a 2oz feeding away. 

Luckily, I have General Hospital to bring me back to reality. 

And I must say... I'm excited to get back to Drinking... 
the Whole Bottle, that is.

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