Monday, July 29, 2013

Reunited...and it feels so good

The other day I reunited with friends from high school to baby meet and greet the kids that up until this point I had only met on facebook. While unfortunately I only got to catch up with people in between Santiago's feedings and running after Rafaella's sprinkler adventures, the feeling of reuniting with women that I had once known as a girl and that now I get to reconnect with as a woman was a bit surreal. A few times, different friends would utter phrases like "Could you believe it? We're all moms." Or "I can't believe that we have kids now."

And indeed it was a bit crazy to remember that these women who once sat next to me in Spanish class or behind me in 9th grade science, women who drove around with me in my car or who sat at my prom table, women who once were my "enemy" (whatever weight that carries in high school) or have been my best friend for 23 years are now moms. It is indeed crazy to see these women now and remember a shared past of high school memories before having our own kids replaced us actually being kids.

But what was really beautiful to see was how people that hadn't seen each other in 15 years could still keep such fondness for each other and like my long time best friend and fellow blogger said, "[be] in a place, i believe, to encourage one another, and be sincerely happy for each other's blessings." None of that high school drama. Only one of life's beautiful moments. Moments when you can share in a journey. When you can come back after walking your own separate roads and meet again at a crossroad and enjoy the brief encounter of an old friend. Moments that you can look at someone else and envelop the idea that although we are different we have some of the same battle scars, the same experiences.

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