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What's On Tap This Month - JULY

a beautful mess app
While playing with our new iPad, I discovered an app with the same name as a blog that I have had on my reading list for several years. Interested in the same named app I looked into it and was instantly bitten by the (app) lovebug. This adorable app, similar to Instagram in that it can add a creative touch to any picture, is my new favorite way to play with pictures. From frame options to funky fonts and playful doodles, any picture has endless possibilities.

A Beautiful Mess app & my new lip gloss (see below)

OQ Coffee Shop
This little shop offers the same quaintness and community experience as the town it has planted its roots in. Located on South 3rd in Highland Park, OQ Coffee is new to town but quickly growing old Oak roots.
Delicious coffee... 
Knowledgeable staff... 
Globally and environmentally conscious... 
So not only do they sell new crop coffee, meaning only what is in season, since apparently "like most produce, coffee trees produce fruit only once or twice a year" but their staff knows a hell of a lot about what they're talking about. From their micro-lots to their specialties coffee, the barista who attended Husband and I could answer us - in detail - every question we had. But my favorite thing about OQ is how conscious of a place, this little coffee shop is. Since their coffee is season, they buy their coffee from small families or co-ops, they sell their coffee to meet or exceed Fair Trade minimums, and are not only concerned with how business benefits their shop but how it benefits the coffee producers they buy from and their community. They sell milk in glass bottles that can be reused to purchase milk again and again and at a discount for using the reusable glass bottle. They also have a sign for any inquirers looking for compost grounds. And at the end of the day, their cup of coffee is as appealing as what they stand for. 
That's a mango, passion fruit finish (A Beautiful Mess app)

Aerie Lace Bralettes
Hellooooooo Gorgeous! or should I say Hellooooooo comfortable! Since having two children, sometimes the very last thing I want to put on is a conventional bra. So not only does this bralette offer me something just as pretty but also comfort, style, and options. Offered also in the racerback style, this bralette comes in at least 10 different colors. It should be noted that it doesn't offer much support so if you're looking for real support, you want a more traditional bra, but this is what I am avoiding at all costs these days. 

On the topic of Aerie, I should also add that I bought a pair of their Yoga Skinny Pants and the Bow-back Sweatshirt. I live in tropical weather 10 months of the year so most of the time I don't even look at tops that don't start with the word tank but these fit so well I couldn't pass on them. I should probably buy stock in this store before I go back for more. Everything fits super well and is as comfortable as a well made bed...snuggle good. 

New York City
If I allowed myself to include NYC on my What's on Tap This Month every month, I probably would because let's be real... what doesn't NYC do well? Yesterday, we made our first trip to NYC with our children. We have been meaning to make this trip since Rafaella was born two years ago, but since traveling anywhere with small babies isn't always easy we have put it off until this summer. So for two years, my excitement of taking our children to my favorite city in the world has grown exponentially. My expectations were so high that I wasn't sure our actual trip could compete. Silly me. New York City not meet my expectations? Never. We drove to the first section I fell in love with in New York when I was a mere 17 years old, the Upper West Side, and parked - easily - at meter parking on W. 72nd Street, took out our double stroller and walked two blocks to Central Park. We entered through Strawberry Fields and then just got lost.

We found ourselves at the Cherry Hill Fountain that led us down a path to Bow's Bridge where a bride and groom where tying their lifelong bond. We decided that for our kid who loves to eat, there was no better way to introduce Rafaella to Manhattan than to buy her a real New York City pretzel, which she ate with fervor and gusto from beginning to end. We followed our Central Park map to bring Rafaella to the Adventure Playground where she slipped on her bathing suit to play in their sprinkler area. After a long day of walking the park we headed to El Mitote, a newly discovered little Mexican restaurant where the food was unassumingly spectacular and the people watching was equally as entertaining for Rafa. Santiago still might have been a little young for the experience but I definitely can't wait to go back.

Bow Bridge behind us

 pretzel time

 visualizing that one day maybe I'll live here

 Santiago in NYC

Dear Couples with Kids, is it me or is it totally impossible to
take pictures with your Husband once you have children?

Rafa loves her sprinkler fun!
Adventure Playground

Rafa at El Mitote doing what she does BEST! 

e.l.f Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick
I had heard some things about this brand recently (eyes, lips, and face = e.l.f) and decided that I'd give it a try since I LOVE to dabble in different make up, especially lip gloss. Sold at Target, I went and bought this lip gloss stick in Pink Umbrellas. The color was not flattering for me but I loved the ease of the stick lip gloss so I decided to go back and try again. This time I bought, In the Nude and Movie Star. In the Nude was - again - not flattering for my skin tone - too washed out for my taste. Feeling a bit discouraged I tried Movie Star and BOMBA! Instant winner. The best part is that trying so many shades didn't even break the bank. Why would I spend money and buy 3 different shades of some lip gloss brand? Well that's simple. At $2.00 a gloss, I could afford to try all 8 of their shades and still not break $20.00. 
Movie Star - does not apply as bright red as it looks in the picture

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