Friday, October 11, 2013

And the Jukebox Plays: Good Life

Music is such a big part of my life and my writing. "And the Jukebox Plays" is a fun little label to highlight some of the music that moves me, that inspires me - emotionally or physically. I hope you find some music that does the same for you. 

Feeling a bit grateful today. A bit slowed down. A bit chilled out. This weekend I look forward to an evening of drinking the whole [wine] bottle with the ladies, a night at the bluffs overlooking the ocean followed by watching hot Husband play a gig in his new band, and celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with a butt load of friends. And that's not even counting how lucky I am to be a part of this little family of mine. It's a good, good life.
This song came out around the same time that I was getting married, 6 months pregnant, and moving here. It became a sort of soundtrack for our new life that Husband and I were creating together. In fact, this blog's title used to be Our Buena Vida (Our Good Life). At the end of 2011, New Year's Eve, Good Republic played this at midnight on whatever channel I happened to be watching the ball drop. Celebrating New Year's with Husband, my BF of 23 years, and the fact that we had just been pregnant together and had our healthy babies 6 weeks apart, was just too much for me. I lost all control of emotions and cried like I was letting out a whole year's worth of happiness and my gratitude for all the beauty that 2011 gave me. 

Still makes me tear up.

Have a great weekend.
Be grateful!

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  1. I have a whole soundtrack of feel good music that I play in my head. when I hear those songs on the radio, I cannot help but feel like the whole world is smiling with me. It's like my own allie mcbeal show.

    1. i love that. i sometimes like to think that i'm on my own movie set. hahaha :)


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