Friday, October 25, 2013

What's On Tap This Month - OCTOBER

Orange is the New Black
How many things have you done in your young adult life that were just stupid? Like the kind of stupid that even as you were doing it you said to yourself God, this is stupid? In this Netflix original series, Piper is sent to jail at 34 for a crime she committed 10 years earlier. When she was 24, Piper was madly, passionately - I'm so in love I'd do anything - even stupid things like smuggle drugs for this person - in love with her lesbian girlfriend. 10 years later, seemingly grown up and no longer a lesbian or drug smuggler - and now engaged... to a man, Piper is going to prison for what she did a decade earlier. The show is funny and smart and tells her story while simultaneously telling the stories of the other women that share her life behind bars. In the few episodes that I've watched she has been starved out, has become someone's "wife", has broken up with her "wife", and has seen and chased a possibly imaginary chicken. You can forget sometimes that we all have stories and that we all have reasons - stupid or well intentioned - for the decisions we make. This show is a reminder that we all make mistakes, even the blond yuppy whose soap she hopes will one day be sold at Barney's. Oh wait, wasn't the Martha Stewart? Well, I guess we can all make mistakes.

The Matt Walsh Blog
This guy is the real deal. He is sharp, precise, and unapologetic. No pussyfooting around. It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone who just says what needs saying. After I'm done reading some of his posts, I actually wish I had written them. I like his material. I like his style of writing. Just check him out at the best titled blog, The Matt Walsh Blog. You might hate him, but he'd be fine with that.
Picture credit:The Matt Walsh Blog

Be That Person...
 (For those of you with sons this could easily be "Be the person you want your child to become."
I downloaded this photo recently from my SITSgirls Facebook page. SITS is a space "where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience." Although I don't use it much on that level yet, I have come to like a lot of their postings and pretty pictures on my FB feed but this picture really hit me on some deep level shit. I have been struggling lately with the whole balancing act of motherhood and womanhood and these words kind of broke me down because when I think of it this way, maybe I'm not always as awesome as I think I am. Like if I think of my behavior throughout a whole day would I really want my daughter to be just like me? I'm just saying we all have our moments and maybe we could work on our imperfections by accepting that we have them. Just a good reminder...

Neutrogena Naturals 
fresh cleansing + makeup remover
I am slightly addicted to products. I like to read about, try, and buy new products. But I don't always come back to products. This is not one of those products. I started trying this face wash last year and was astounded by how well it actually worked as a makeup remover because I can't stand when I wash my light makeup off my face and see all of my makeup on the towel, like Didn't I just wash you? What are you doing here? But when I use this cleanser and then dry my face with my white towel - specifically white because I am a glutton for punishment and want to see that my makeup cleanser actually cleansed my face - I love seeing that my towel is still white. Side note: I have tried other Neutrogena products that I do not like nearly as much as this particular one.

I've been using the photo editor PicMonkey for about two months. At first, I have to be honest, I didn't get it. I wasn't sure what the hype was all about but once I got to playing around with it more, I got it. I get it. PicMonkey lets you collage pictures and edit photos with texts, overlays, and frames that might otherwise be slightly boring. For bloggers especially, it is a great way to add that extra wow! factor. Most recently, I updated my family introduction picture, blog header, and my guest post introduction using PicMonkey and am excited to see what else I can use it for. My favorite part: no registration required, no email address needed. You can choose to upgrade for a low monthly (or yearly) cost but for now the free version has been totes useful.
PicMonkey in use:

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