Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sunshine on a Not So Sunshiney Day

Since Today is a nonsunshiney day here in the Dominican Republic, I decided to work on my Sunshine Award nomination. How very ironic of me. 
What? I'm an English teacher at the core. What do you expect?

So thanks to a fabulous group of blogging friends on facebook, my little blog, Drinking the Whole Bottle has been doing well - kinda like the Little Engine that Could - it keeps chugging along. (<-- get it... chugging? sorry. couldn't resist)

Like my last award, this one is also an award presented by fellow bloggers. From looking around, The  Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who are:  

I'd take anyONE of those adjectives SO thanks boss lady from Superfresh Babypants for nominating me. No, really. She goes by boss lady. How fun is that???
As with The Liebster Award, there are some rules to follow to complete nomination, but many of the rules are the same and a bit repetitive so I'm making these my rules for completing this nomination: 
  1. If it takes longer than 30 seconds to come up with a fact, an answer, or a question... I'm skipping.
  2. I will write down the first answer that comes to mind. No thinking and rewriting which is usually why these take me so long to write and post.
And go...
  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger as I did with boss lady  
  • Share 11 random facts about myself: 
    • I do not have a middle name... and I kinda like it. I like that I'm just Jen Legra.
    • I was nicknamed Lola by some girls I work with. To this day, some of our clients still don't know my real name
    • My birthday falls on Inauguration Day and is on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.
    • I sometimes can't remember how old I am anymore.
    • When I'm channel surfing, I will always stop at Law & Order - no.matter.what. 
    • My son, Santiago Paulo is named after ( a few things but mainly...) my favorite character of my favorite book and his middle name is the author's name. (Santiago in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)
    • My alter ego is Animal Jenvenger. Get the full story here.
    • Technically, I'm a cougar since Husband is younger than me. Grrrr...
    • I cannot physically write texts using text language. C U L8R drives me INSANE! I'll spend the money to send two texts.
    • But I do use lol and btw like I invented them. 
    • This blog used to be called Our Buena Vida.
  • Answer questions nominating blogger created for me: 
    • Coffee or Tea: definitely coffee but more like cappuccino.
    • Favorite Season: fall. everything about it. 
    • Favorite Holiday: considering i've already started to listen to Christmas music... I used to go by the name Jenny Christmas!
    • Why did I start blogging: i started blogging as a way to keep our families back home in the "know" of how the kids were doing and our life abroad. then it grew into this beast. and i love it. blogging has saved me in so many ways.
    • Favorite vacation spot and why: Aruba. This was the first answer that came to mind though I've only been there twice in my life. It is just a perfect place.
    • Does technology make my life easier or harder: easier. SCARIER but easier. Technology is in control of so much nowadays that I am counting down until robots inherit the earth.
    • What is the strangest thing I do that other people may not know about: can't think of anything
    • Public school, private school, or home school: i went to public school and I don't think I turned out too bad.
    • Favorite social media site: hmm... i like a lot. Facebook is definitely up there but Pinterest is kinda like heroin... I imagine.
    • How do I unwind at the end of each a day: wine. you know, drinking the whole bottle and all that...
    • Recycle, toss, or hoard stuff: i think i used to be in the hoardingish category. But then we decided to move abroad and i had to get rid of a ton of stuff. Now since we know that we are going to stay here forever, I find it easier to let go of things. 
  • List (and tell) bloggers who I believe are: 
And here they are: 
The MaMade Diaries
Momma Candy
Real Housewives of NOVA
Directionless Mom
Perfectly Day by Day
Ciao, Chessa!
Cropped Stories
The Pursuit of Normal
  • Post 11 questions that those bloggers will then answer.  ish

What better way to know these bloggers than to read their blogs! So here's my idea/rule breaking. Instead of posting 11 questions that these bloggers - I love reading - have to answer, I'm going to pose one question that they could then write their next blog post about. Or the one after. Or the one after that. Or never. Never is always an option. Basically, no pressure bloggers. So here's my ONE question for my Sunshines:

My blog, Drinking the Whole Bottle, used to be called Our Buena Vida. From here I developed a guest series called Buena Moments because I believe that life is all about moments. Many moments. Moments that changed it all. What is ONE defining moment in your life? 
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  1. Wow, feeling so honored. Thank you! And, I like your rule-breaking is definitely something I think I am up for! I sometimes struggle with the "right" topic, so this actually helps me out. XOXO! M.

  2. I LOVE the Alchemist!!!!!!! I love that your son's name was inspired by that book...makes my heart sing :) And yes, I am the boss lady....for real.


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