Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lip Sync Battles and Political Lip Service... One and the Same

Sometimes when I'm in need of a laugh, a really hard laugh, like say when NJ votes - for a second term - the worst governor known to Jersey kind, a governor who is a bully to teachers and education's Darth Vader, I look to a professional. In this case, Jimmy Fallon. My husband who spends hours of free time  YouTubing Fallon's comedic prowess turned me onto him and I think I'm safe in saying that we both kinda wish Jimmy was our friend, like our best friend. 

In his Late Night show, Jimmy Fallon gets to do a lot of fun shit - damn! I wish I had his job - but this - well, let's just say that between my love for lip syncs and my love for our imaginary best friend, Jimmy (aka James), this is rolled up into a sushi roll of perfection for me. This is my kind of fun. Now if I can just get Jimmy Fallon to be my best friend and let me cohost his show... #126 on my Life's To Do List.
So today, I need that kind of laugh. Go figure. And if you're from New Jersey, you might too. So here are two hysterical bits from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and since most of what politicians say is lip service, they'll fit perfectly with today's theme. 
Introducing The Lip Sync Battle
Apparently Lip Sync battle was started when John Krasinski from The Office challenged Fallon to a lip sync off. The whole battle was a riot but, unfortunately, I couldn't find a good clip of this battle so you'll have to check it out here
However, of all the battles I have seen this one from Stephen Merchant was by far my favorite. It's been a while since something has made me laugh so hard that I had trouble breathing. Thank you, Stephen for Single Ladies and for making me forget that New Jersey is on a fast track to an educational shit-storm all the while saying "Thank you, sir, may I have another." 

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  1. I love Jimmy Fallon and his lip sync contests! JGLev is the best.


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