Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Epiphany

A resolution post about not making resolutions? Two snaps and a loooove it, Project Underblog since recently on my own blog I've been thinking about rethinking New Year's resolutions.

They do nothing for me...besides make me feel bad about myself for not keeping them.

So last year, I made no resolution and my "anti-resolution" - or rather - my intention, just kind of happened. A gradual mindset that evolved into my mantra for 2013. I liked it. I liked that I had an intention to go to when I needed a little reminder or inspiration. So before last year's end I started thinking about what 2014's intention would be. 

I'd circled around one idea at the start of this year that I had came upon when I first "rethought" resolutions, F*ck Yeah 2014: a year of firsts, filled with radical doings, and all around awesomeness." And while I love this idea of going balls to the wall in 2014, I just don't think I'm ready for all that ballsness right now. Maybe I can F*ck Yeah, 2015. But in 2014, all that "f*cking" just seems exhausting. 2014 for me feels a bit more introspective. More thoughtful. More soul searchy. 

Less Rockstar more Guru.
Less Beatles 1964 more Beatles 1968.

I'm not going to India to study Transcendental Mediation or anything nor am I planning on spending seven years in Tibet. I probably won't even commit to yoga. 

I'm not even talking about an actual place. More of a place of discovery

A place to discover who I am and who I want to become and finding the road where these two people intersect. 
A place to discover how to listen. how to breathe. how to stop. how to apologize. how to be softer. how to push myself harder. how to be better. 
Not in an exceptive way but in an accepting way.

And like that it happens. I find it. 
             An epiphany (an illuminating discovery)
An intention:
"No limits just epiphanies." 
Who says I can't be rockstar and guru?
Why limit myself when the world is so open to possibility?

Thank you American Authors for your catchy song and for my 2014 Intention.
(Does anyone else find it to be coincidental that my intention comes from a band who's name is exactly what I want to be... an American Author?)


  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today! And I love your line about the Beatles. I had to chuckle at that one :) Thanks for linking up with us at Project: Underblog!

    1. Thanks Christina! and I love that you got my Beatles reference. I figured, if you get it, great! if you don't, you should look it up! hahaha. So excited to link up with ProjUnderBlog!

  2. I loved the Beatles line as well. You know what I'm finding...that it's not always about bells and whistles. I like that you thought it was gonna be a F*ck yeah kinda year. I think sometimes people get caught up in the fireworks of the New Year and don't stop to think about what's right for them. Good for you!

    F*ck yeah 2015 can wait. Looking forward to reading more about your 2014 journey.

  3. No limits, I love the sound of this and Epiphanies is such an awesome word.
    Wishing you an incredible 2014.


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