Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tunesday Tuesday: And the Jukebox Plays... What Happy Ending?

Week 7: Pity Party

 You know that song...

    The song that you want to revel in when you're feeling sorry for yourself.

   The one you listen to only when you're alone because then you could sing belt scream it out with no judgement. 

Yeah, you, pity party song, I'm talking to you.

Can't stick around for this week's party?? 
Next week's theme will be...
 Your "Us" Song 
(you and your lovey)
And now...

Every party has a pity that's why we invited you... Avril Lavigne.

About a decade ago (holy sh*t... a decade???) I was dating someone who had previously been a good friend. It was a good match but doomed from the beginning. Our budding romance started as a secret from mostly everyone (sign #1 we were doomed) and although eventually we tried to make an honest go of it, it was destined to fail. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of inside jokes - one of which was Avril Lavigne's song My Happy Ending. (There is just something about her cute gothness that screams pity party music, right?) We would joke that "when we broke up" (sign #23) we would roll around in our individual cars singing along with Avril at a volume to loud to be anything but a post break up song. When we would hear the song together in the car, we would turn it up and loudly sing "our" break up song to each other (sign # 36). What was funny though is that when we did eventually break up, I didn't listen to it. I didn't listen to the song that was supposed to be my pity party song.

When I read this week's theme, the lovely Lavigne's My Happy Ending immediately stood out in my mind. But how could I not have a more recent pity party song? A scroll down iTunes lane should do the trick, a library that consists of 1499 SONGS must contain something more pity-esque. I even googled "pity party songs." Alas...nothing. Surely, I must have something more pity party worthy than a 2004 hit by an artist I don't much care for. It turns out, I don't. In fact, the only other song that came close was Alanis Morissette's You Ought Know. And not only is that song even older (1994) but it's also definitely too scary to be a pity party song.

Apparently, I threw myself pity parties between the ages of 14-24... interesting.

I guess, I'm not much for pity party music unless I'm a teenager or struggling through a break up (which hasn't been in about a decade) - and even then, I tend to feel a bit like Sweet Brown... "ain't nobody got time for that." so finding a song that makes me want to revel in pity is way harder than Avril's tough girl appearance or Alanis' frightening lyrics.

So I found My Happy Ending's video on YouTube and watched this decade old video for the first time in my life. And I gotta say, I still wanted to *jump into the driver's seat of my car and beat the steering wheel while drunk driving, smoking cigarettes, throwing up my middle finger, and violently scrying (scream+cry= scry).

I guess this is my pity party song... don't judge me.

(* I should clear up that I never actually did that 
but that's always how I imagined this video would go down.) 

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  1. I have always loved Avril Lavigne and this song just reinforces that...she has a way to just sing out her emotions in such a raw way...great choice.

  2. Great pick! Although, it can't possibly be from a decade ago, because if it was, then that would make me...old. So I respectfully say that I think your math must be wrong. :)

  3. Aww Avril. Love her. I forgot about this song! She always had a way of telling it like it is. This is definitely the perfect breakup song! Happy to be with you on the "Its-been-a-while" train there! Great song babes.

  4. Good song but I like the story that goes with it more. I had a hard time with this theme, too. I don't like to wallow. But I do like a beautiful pity-party song just for the sake of being pretty. Think Rhianna - Stay. Can't really relate to it having been married for almost eight years. But it's a damn good song.


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