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And the Jukebox Plays: Tunesday Tuesday - Say What?!

Week 12: This is the Memory
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When I started And the Jukebox Plays it was because music is a part of my existence like breathing. Then And the Jukebox Plays turned into Tunesday Tuesday, a link up I'm grateful Meg from The Patchwork Paisley asked me to start up with her because it reminds me weekly why I love music so much. 
It reminds me of my father and my earliest childhood memories. It takes me back to days past and conjures up smells, feelings, and emotions in a way that nothing else I can think of does. It brings me to moments I want to remember and moments I don't. Most moments in my life could be summed up by a song... couldn't yours? And because music is a reminder, choosing ONE song that reminds me of ONE person has infinite possibilities on all kinds of scales.

Here's a trick that I've learned in the last 12 weeks of blogging about music... the first song that comes to mind is usually the one you go with. I've tried a few times to think of a different song, telling myself, no, convincing myself that there has to be a better song choice but like swimming against a current, I always find myself being brought back. It's better not to fight it.

This week is an example of that. With all of the music I have stirring around in my head and all of the people in my life that have undoubtedly been connected to a song, I find myself coming back to this one: "Steel Bullets." Never heard of it? That's because it's actually called "Steel Bars" by Michael Bolton - 90's sensation - but my sister used to swear it was called "Steel Bullets." She probably still does. 

We were on our yearly family drive to Miami and like usual we were playing games to pass by the endless hours of the loooooong haul to the bottom of the East Coast. It was Name that Tune hour. I remember the song was a few years old already when we heard it in the car and although sometimes we had to wait a few bars for a song to play before quickly spitting out the answer like sour grapes, we didn't have to wait for this one. 

We both shrieked at the same time:

     Me: Steel Bars!
     Her: Steel Bullets! I said it first.
     Me: What?! 
     Her: I was first.
     Me: No! What did you call it?
     Her: Steel Bullets

Silence. Howling laughter. 
This is the memory: My howling laughter gave way to her howling laughter. The laugh betrayed her, it gave away that she knew she was wrong but it wasn't in my sister's makeup to give up that easily. Years before when we heard Paul Young's "Every Time You Go Away" she swore to me that he finished the line with "you take a piece of meat with you." Really, meat? Not "you take a piece of ME with you?" 

She was hopeless.
(Here's the short clip of the Paul Young song for your listening pleasure)
     Me: The song isn't called "Steel Bullets."
     Her: What is it called then?
     Me: Steel "BARS"
     Her: That's ridiculous.
     Me: Right. That's ridiculous. 

And then to try and prove me wrong she waited for the chorus and inserted the words "steel bullets" into the place of the actual title thinking if she sang it well enough I would concede. I tried to explain to her that even if it did kiiiinda sound like "steel bullets" that it didn't make any sense. Why would "steel bullets" be wrapped around him and make him a prisoner? My father - the musical authority in our car and tiebreaker extraordinaire was brought into the conversation.

     Me: Dad she's telling me this song is called "Steel Bullets."
     Dad: "Steel Bullets?"
     Her: Yeah, listen. (She waited for the chorus again which I happily sat by waiting for as well) "My love for you has got me locked up inside me... Steel Bul-lets wrapped around me, I've been your prisoner since the day you found me..."

Silence. Dad howls in laughter. My sister and I howl in laughter. 

Let's just call that one a tie, ok? 

(If you don't listen to this for ANY OTHER reason - you have to listen to it just to see how my sister fits the words Steel Bullets into the chorus)

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  1. Lol. This is a great story! What a happy memory! I really like the idea of this link up. I'm going to have to give it a try next week. :-)

  2. Samantha you should DEFINITELY not try but DO! This is such a great link up since it allows you to listen to music you love while writing and sharing with friends. What's not to love? Thanks for reading my story, I laughed so hard remembering those memories.

  3. This is such an awesome story! That sounds like a great game for a trip to Miami! Living in Illinois, I have made that drive. :) Isn't it so funny the words that we can sometimes hear...that are no where near the real song. I totally agree that next week is going to be a killer! LOL! Have a great week!


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