Thursday, August 7, 2014

If It's Free: The Best FREE Apps for Expats

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Writing at Wanderlust and Lipstick today and thinking about some small conveniences that can make life a little easier in your journey abroad. I'm not talking about a pocket dictionary, or a Swiss Army Knife, or even a map - although two out of the three things I just mentioned can be found with what I am talking about - no, what I'm talking about are the new-day traveling tools; what I'm talking about are apps.

I know. You're asking yourself Really?! Who in the hell has time to putz around with apps? There are
so many large tasks that come with moving that the whole process can be so overwhelming you just want to quit. Forget it. Not doing it. You try to remind yourself to take it easy, to take a little bit at a time but that can seem impossible when you have a million things to do. And while your screaming at me about the importance of these ginormous tasks let me make one argument for the smaller things, the ones thrown to the side on the pile marked LATER: DOESN'T MATTER NOW. Focusing on smaller things can help us relax and feel more settled. You can paint your house and put away your suitcases but until you hang a few picture frames and add the small details, it never feels like home.

Enter: me. I must say that along with hundreds of (free) book samples on my e-readers, the next addiction I have are apps - FREE apps (because who doesn't love fun stuff that's also free). Since many of you are busy with the bigger tasks of moving abroad, and I, at the moment, am not, I took the liberty of sorting through lots and lots of apps that would be useful or just plain entertaining on your journey. (I should note, I had a ton of fun doing this.)

So, when you take a breather and sit down from all of the huge things you have to do, take a moment to find some small comfort in these apps. It's my small gift to you to help make you feel (more) at home: apps for communicating with family and friends back home, apps for useful help, and apps to help you organize and remember why you came abroad in the first place. Enjoy!

Did I mention, they're free? 

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