Monday, August 18, 2014

What's On Tap This Month - August

It's been a while but I'm so excited to be back with a new list of awesome things I'm loving right now!

Goodwill Hunting
Well, this isn't a new love but it's a recycled love. In light of the recent loss of Robin WIlliams, it seems fitting to spotlight a man that I never met and yet somehow knew. I first met Robin in my living room when he made my dad and I laugh. I was just a kid; a small kid watching TV with her dad so these are fond memories and something we did a lot of. From there, I'd see him in movies but would always remember "nanu nanu" and sitting in the living room with my dad when I probably should have been sleeping. Something about Robin Williams' face also reminded me of my grandfather. It was his chin. My grandfather had a very pronounced chin and so did Robin Williams. He was a man that felt like part of the family when he was on screen and that was his magic, right? But when I saw him in Goodwill Hunting he became my own, someone I didn't share with my dad or grandfather. I truly saw his magic. I think about that movie and I feel it in my heart because it is a movie about so all the kinds of love we feel. Love for a girl. Love for a friend. Love for a lost one. Love for oneself. And I can smile knowing that I will watch that movie again and see my grandfather's chin and my father's alien and Robin Williams speak a line I often run through my head without speaking it for no reason at all, "I had to go see about a girl." 

r.m. drake
It is no secret that I am a lover of words. All day like wild horses in a bushy field, words cross my mind; sometimes they prance, sometimes they gallop. Sometimes they stampede right through me. These words were the stampeding kind. A friend posted this on Facebook the other day and they ran me over leaving an imprint. Now I follow him on Twitter and Instagram and find many more verses that blow me away, many capturing the essence of women with words like strong, madness, lion, beauty, love, fire. Check. him. out. "She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them." Whoa.

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen
Let's be honest... who doesn't want to smell like vacation all. the. time? And while there are plenty of sunscreen options out there, most don't smell as yum as this one. Hawaiian Tropic takes me back, back, back to family vacations as a kid when their sunscreen bottles were a dark brown and their logo was written in gold. This is all my parents use to buy. And now that I'm an adult - one that lives on a Caribbean island - this is all I buy. It doesn't hurt that this one is sheer touch so it feels super light and lessens build up in my pores. While I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, it seems unfair to take for free what I would buy anyway (though I love the trial size) but it gave me the opportunity to rave about it so I guess it's a win win. Follow Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook... or just buy their yum smelling sunscreens!

Pandora's Alabama Shakes station
Otis Redding. Sam Cooke. Ray Lamontagne. This is a great station! I discovered it sitting outside of a cozy, small town bar that offers outside seating and the most delicious gin and tonics to ever be sipped by these lips. I sat outside that night with Husband and two of his high school friends that knew us before we were married which is a special treat all on its own. And the background music to add to such a gorgeous evening... Pandora's station Albama Shakes. I know because I asked the bartender (it was that good) what station they were playing. A great mix of soul and power. An old sounding style that is hard to find... unless you are on this station. At your next cocktail party, find it. Give it a few songs. You'll be hooked.

Garnier BB Cream
If I were stranded on an island with only this or unlimited coconut water, I'd have a hard time deciding what to choose. I like makeup but I love Garnier BB Cream. On a few occassions I've applied the cream and then forgotten to put on anything else and it doesn't matter. It looks just as wow! as when I use it with other makeup. It is instant glam and since I'm a mom who sometimes has only a minute and a half to get ready before a screaming child runs at me, the quickness it takes to look A-MAZE with this stuff is unbeatable. This sh*t is crack in a tube, people. Crack in a tube.

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  1. R.M. Drake must have had you on his mind when he wrote that poem. It makes me so proud to be married to such a fierce and unstoppable woman, who manages to do it all with such a beautiful smile. And I agree, Alabama Shakes Pandora radio is the BEST STATION EVER! BSE!


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