Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's On Tap This Month - October

This is the first restaurant that I've included in my Tap and for good reason. Mila is a new restaurant in Santo Domingo started by two of the owners of Guli's, my favorite coffee shop in the world. No exaggeration. Bible. In. The. World. So when Guli's owners told me they were moving shop AND opening a restaurant as well I was excited. And when they told me they were moving even closer to where I lived, the heavens opened and angels sang. Pure elation.
I'm not a food critic or food connoisseur by any means but I know good food and I love eating out. And not to peacock but when New York City is your go-to restaurant city, your foodie expectations are high. Some restaurants have spectacular meals. Some have great happy hours. Some have great service. Some restaurants have original menus. Some have friendly staff. Some have good prices. Some have spectacular ambience. Essentially, like in all cities, some rank higher than others. But not many have it all. Mila has it all. 
And I can't say I'm surprised.
As a coffee shop, Guli's was so damn awesome that I didn't expect any less from their restaurant, and actually, what I got was more. From the outside, Mila looks like an elegant cross between a contemporary Pantheon and a Southern style home complete with grand porch. You walk into a glamorous, modern reception room that looks more like a cozy living room than a waiting area. This opens to the main dining section with the bar that commands attention all on its own. In the back, they've set up a play/eat area for families with children. The food was yum. Just complete yummmmmm. And the service was attentive, friendly, and professional. I can't tell you how nice that is to find here. At the core, though, this place is still the small coffee shop I began going to; they still treat me like family when I come in because they've figured out the secret to a good business; it's all about relationships. If you are in the Santo Domingo area, visit Mila on Avenida Sarasota in Sector Bella Vista. For reservations call 809-532-6452 and make sure to stop by Guli's located right behind the restaurant for the best caramel cappuccino. 

Begin Again
I know. This Kiera Knightley / Mark Ruffalo movie came out this summer to great reviews. But this mother of two, doesn't get to the movie theater all that often so I just recently viewed this unbelievable film. With a story line that had me unsure of which way I wanted the film to end, a catchy soundtrack, and complicated but lovable characters there are so many things I like about this film. I even liked Adam Levine. Not that I normally don't like hot rockstars but I tend to be a little judgmental when they make the crossover to film but there was nothing to not like here. He was great in the film and for 104 minutes, I thought he was Dave. Adam who? And Mark Ruffalo. Well, the guy's normally a genius but he's exceptional in this. It is totally worth the watch. 

Minnetonka Moccasins
A little over a month ago, I went shopping at Nordstrom's shoe department when my eye caught these beauties. I left the display that I came for and checked out the different styles that Minnetonka made and knew I wasn't leaving the store without them. Now the problem I face is how many more I could buy. With good craftsmanship they feel durable but also like a comfortable shoe should - like something you could sleep in. I instantly loved their throwback feel. They have been an American classic since in 1946 and family owned and operated for over 3 generations. I dare you to slip on a pair and not take them home.

My Personal Dogma 
This happens to me a lot: I'm watching a movie or reading a book or scrolling through Pinterest and I hear, read, or see words, no - TRUTH - something exact and authentic and perfect in that moment - no bullshit. Something inside me wakes up - perks up - like my furry first born pups when they hear something. Their bushy heads lift up and tilt to one side as if they're reaaalllly listening to that moment and paying close attention so as to not miss it. And then they bark to acknowledge that they did in fact hear "it." It's an intrinsic reflex; we all have an internal dog bark that howls when we are reaaalllly hearing our truth, our personal dogma. My internal dogma barks when I hear things about being brave and flying and leaping and trusting in the net. When does your personal dogma bark?

This Quote
A friend going through some difficult times shared this quote on Facebook by American Author Ardis Whitman. My personal dogma barked uncontrollably. 
Ardis Whitman Quote

The League
Fantasy Football for men is what Soap Operas are to women; an alternate reality in which we could pretend we are something we're not. Fantasy Football (like Soap Operas) is ridiculous. And now, FX made a show about it. FX's show The League exposes the absurdity, bafoonery, and (ironic) seriousness in which these five buddies and one wife obsess over their teams, trades, and trophy - The Shiva. It is super witty and makes this girl (thumbs pointing at chest) who could care less about Fanstasy Football kinda wish she understood something about it. Don't tell Husband. 

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