Friday, July 11, 2014

Don't Mean to Be Coy, Roy

Quick Link: Me & My Island Need a Break

Paul Simon wrote a song about all the ways to leave your lover. In fact, he argued there must be 50 ways. If you asked me in June what he was talking about I'd swear he was talking about a place and not an actual person.

I love the island rock my family calls home but come the end of a school year I want nothing more than to hop on that beautiful, pot-bellied hog of a plane and fly back to our native New Jersey. It's like the closer the departure date gets, the badder I want it, the more I can taste it. Literally, I can taste it. I can taste sushi and Starbucks and Tony's pizza, and specialty cider beers... on tap.

I'm writing today at the fabulous Women Who Live on Rocks about needing an island break. "I don't mean to be coy, Roy" but many people think that the sun and the surf and the sand are a recipe for good living but sometimes the sun is just bloody hot and sometimes I just want it to rain. Hey, just cause I live on an island doesn't mean it is always paradise.

Click here to read about Needing an Island Break

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